Chapter 5Mature

We played poker, Jordan always had chips with him whereveer he went. We each had a soda can. And finally, at around midnight, Jordan and Heather left with their cards and chips. Mickey and I were leaning against my bed, inches apart. I smiled at him, putting a loose strand of hair behind my ear. He stood up carrying me onto my bed and placing me there. He smiled. He rested on his elbow looking at me. I sucked my bottom lip in biting it. I smiled.

Our feet were touching as we talked about childhood memories. I smiled at him and he kissed me with his soft lips. He went to his bed. We both knew it would be weird if we slept on one bed. But I knew we both wanted to. He smiled at me, as he reached his toward the lamp. But then he stopped.

"What?" I said sitting up, the covers falling off of me. My hair was messy, even though I was laying down for like two seconds. He came out of his covers. I got out of mine he kissed me as I jumped into his arms.

"Wait," I said against his lips, "what are we doing?" I smiled. He shrugged. He placed me on my bed and he kissed me, still.

"You wanna sleep?" I said raising my eyebrows. He nodded with puppy eyes.

"Aww," I said stroking his hair. I kissed him and told him he could. He got in the covers along with me and wrapped his arms around me and then he let go. His lamp still on. This wasn't awkward at all. I liked it. I smiled at him. Our arms were out in the covers, touching.

"I'll go turn the lamp off," I whispered.

"Wait," he said getting out of the covers, "I'll do it."

He stood up and turned the lamp off.

"Oh, shit," he said he hit his toe on the side of the bed. He laid down on the bed, holding his toe. I sat up.

"Are you ok?" I asked. He nodded and turned over to kiss me.

"Wait," I said. I let go. "Lemme see your toe."

"It's fine," he said quickly. He kissed me.

"Are you sure?" I said against his lips. He nodded. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. And soon I feel asleep, his arms around me.

I woke up early, because we were going to Pittsburgh, which was an hour away. And tomorrow we would ski, and leave at 5. I went in the shower. Mickey was still sleeping like an angel. I grabbed my clothes, toothbrush, hairbrush, and makeup. The towels were waiting on a shelf. I walked into the bathroom and placed everything on the counter and brushed my teeth. Then I stripped out of my clothes. I turned the shower on, the hot sweltering water made my skin tingle. I shampooed my auburn hair and put soap on my body. Once I was done, I blow-dried and straightened my hair and put on a head band, leaving my long side-bangs out. I smiled and then I slipped on my undergarments. After that, I put on my black tank top and my orange t-shirt over it. Over that I put my gray striped cardigan sweater over it. I wore my light blue skinny jeans and put my furry snowboats over them.

I put a little eyeliner on my eyelids and mascara. And I put on my favorite peach lip gloss. I walked out. I had put on my contacts on after I had come out of the shower. I walked out and climbed on Mickey.

"Mickey," I said sitting on him, "wake up."

Mickey opened his eyes slowly, revealing his gray eys. His hair was messy, and I smiled.

"Wow," he said looking at me, "you look hot."

I smiled fluttering my eyes.

"Now, mister, go take a bath."

He sat up, making me fall into his lap. Either Mickey was really strong, or I was really weak. I kissed him on the cheek and then I point to the bathroom. I got off of him and he walked to the bathroom with his things. I walked out of the room, and knocked on Heather and Jordan's door. It was 8 o'clock in the morning. Heather opened the door. Her hair was messy, and she was in her tank top and shorts. She had just woken up.

"Pittsburgh," I said raising my eyebrows. "Today..."

"Oh, crap," she said putting her hand on her forehead. She ran to Jordan, leaving the door open.


She woke him up and told him. She came back to the door.

"We're gonna get ready."

I nodded walking away as she shut the door. When I walked back in my room, Mickey was ready. He was wearing a dark blue polo, with a gray long-sleeved shirt underneath it that he pushed up to reveal his elbow. He wore jeans and Converse with that.

"Jacket," I said throwing him his gray pea coat which he left unbuttoned. I shook my head putting on my black trench coat. We went to the room next door and waited for Heather and Jordan to get ready. We locked our door, Mickey placing the key in his pocket. And finally, when they were ready, we went to my car. I let Mickey drive. We grabbed some breakfast on the way and drove to Pittsburgh which was an hour away.

The End

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