Chapter 4Mature

We booked two rooms. Heather and Jordan wanted their own room... yikes. We went in the elevator, to the 3rd floor, and went in our rooms. There were two beds, not that I wanted a bed with one bed. I was already wearing my thermal underneath my long-sleeved blue shirt and gray sweatpants. I had my black Star Wars hoodie on... like I said before... I could be a geek... at times. I put on my ski jacket and ski pants along with my googles, gloves, scarf, hat, and ear muffs. Mickey did the same, but he didn't put on as much.

Once Jordan and Heather were ready we headed to the mountain. Mickey and I went snowboarding, while Heather and Jordan went skiing. Mickey and I always went snowboarding since we were ten. Our families went on ski trips together every winter. After we were done, it was 10. We hung out in the lobby for a while and then we went to the room.

I went to the bathroom with my night dress. I shed out of all my clothes and put on my black tank top with buttons on the chest. I put my warm cotton red flannel pajamas on afterwards. I tied my hair in a loose messy bun with a scrunchie. I folded my clothes and put them back in my bag when I walked outside. Mickey was dressed, wearing his gray pajamas along with a loose navy blue v-neck. He was "reading" a magazine that he stole from his sister, Kayla. The lamp on his side was on. He looked at me and smiled. I sat on his bed, resting on my knees so that my butt was on my heels. My hands were on the bed.

He placed a hand on my cheek and rubbed his warm thumb against my skin. He pulled me in and kissed me. My scrunchie fell out of my hair, letting my hair fall almost to my butt. My hands were in his hair, our chest pressed together. His hand was on my back. He laid down on his bed, our lips still touching. Our feet were touching. My fingers were twisting in his black hair. Until someone knocked on our door. Of course. It was Jordan and Heather. They brought cards.

I realized my hair was messy along with Mickey's. I fixed it and got ready to play cards on the soft cream carpet with the T.V. on.

The End

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