I'll Miss You, I'll Love YouMature

The third story of Mickey and Melanie. (If you Know, Or if You Don't Know, I Love the Way You Love Me.)

Mickey rang the doorbell.

"Mom," I called, "I'm going." She came out and hugged me.

"Ok, sweetheart. Don't come back late. Tell Amber that I said hi."

I raised my eyebrows and sucked in my lip as I put on my trench coat. I opened the door. My mom had gone into the kitchen. Mickey was there in his gray jacket, which was unbuttoned.

"Shit, Mickey," I said, "it's cold outside."

I put on my gloves and hat and scarf. He held my hand, probably for warmth. His car was on, already heated, and I smiled as I hopped in.

It was January. A January in New Jersey is something I dreaded.

We were going to see Amber in the hospital. She had gotten pregnant in May and she delivered on time. She had enough of a heart to invite us. I didn't want to go see her. It bugged me that she had given birth to a healthy baby girl. She wasn't in good hands. Adam... no way... Amber... yeah right. It bugged me that Adam was going to be there. It bugged me that we had to go. What was she to me? It really bugged me because she looked at Mickey with devious eyes, and a wide grin on her face. She looked at me with hate and jealousy for "stealing her boyfriend". That's just bull shit. Adam's eyes followed my every move. He still hadn't changed. He still wanted to do it with me. He still wouldn't mind if it were with Amber. But luckily, Amber's parents hated him. He was in deep shit, man.

I tried to fake being happy. Well, it wasn't all that fake. Mickey was taking me out to dinner and then he would come over, through balcony. It was Friday, luckily. But even if it was a weekday, itn wouldn't stop him. We would obviously make out. I smiled to myself.

"So," I said to Mickey who was driving fast, despite the fact that the roads were covered in ice, "do you think Amber's gonna keep her?"

"Yes. Well, I don't think her parent's would allow it, but I know she would wanna keep her."

He smiled at me. And when he parked, he kissed me in the car, before we walked into the building holding hands.

Amber was sitting in the room, the baby in her hands. She looked happy. Adam was asleep. Both of their parents were out getting things for Amber and Adam and the baby. It was just us four in the room, until Amber's father returned with a bunch of toys, teddy bears, flowers, and all that crap. He looked tired and happy and sad at the same time. It was silent.

"So," I said breaking it, "what are you going to name her?"

She didn't answer.

"We were deciding to put the baby up for adoption," said her father, "Well, that or... well... we had a proposal... for you..."

"For me?"

"Well, for your brother... Bruno's his name right?"

I nodded. I knew where this was going. Why him? He's not even married. I waited.

"Is he willing ot raise a child? Would he take Amber's lovely girl? That way we know she's in good hands and we could visit her... if he moves here."

I stared at him, trying to put on a fake smile. I couldn't. But he was so helpless. His eyes had circles around them. Full of sadness.

"Sure, I'll ask him..." I said. Mickey looked at me with a "Really?" expression on his face. I shrugged. "But, I can't guarantee that he and his fiancee would agree."

"Alright. Thank you."

He looked at Amber.

"Thanks," she said quickly. Would Bruno raise a daughter? I thought he would be a good father. I would call him when I got home. Mickey and I stayed there for a bit and then we left.

"Mexican?" he asked.


He kissed me against the car and when we eventually got in, some kid was staring at us, we drove off to some Mexican restauraunt nearby.

The End

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