The Fall

As I climb up the tree I feel like I could let go and simply float to the top I'm so thrilled. As I near the top I feel the adrenaline rush beating through my veins and causing my heart to beat faster, faster, faster until it sounds like a continuous humming rather than several fast beats.

It gets colder as I get higher. I should have worn a long-sleeved dress today, but momma layed out a sundress so a sundress I wear now. Whenever I slip or pull myself upward with my arms I scrape my knees and elbows acorss the rough bark that sticks out at awkward angles and langths. And just when things can't get any worse-

Rip. The wind suddenly strengthens on my legs and rear. I look back at the smiling boys to see and hear them chuckling. I reach down to adjust my dress to discover that the ripping noise was a branch but the seam coming undone and that the boys weren't laughing at each other, but my undergarments showing.

I don't care though. I stick my tounge out at them and continue on up. That's when I feel the first rock. It hits my right leg exactly where my dress ripped and the stinging from the cold air on my bare leg is intensified by the impact of it. I bite my tounge to stop from crying out. I'm better and stronger than the boys. They wouldn't cry out so I won't.

That taught me to pay more attention to them. When they threw rocks I'd move or catch them. The ones I caught were thrown down twice as hard right at there heads and faces where as their rocks usually hit my underside. It's all worth it in the end though.

A good half hour and 50 rocks later I look down from the top of the swaying tree and smile. I'm higher than all the surrounding buildings: the school, the hospital, the community center, everything. At least I'm higher than eveything for five minutes.

Whoosh! I turn my head just in time to see the faded yellow-orange fotball flying for my face. I try to catch the football but a swoosh of the wind sends the football straight into my stomache. I catch it alright, but not in time. Me and the football go tumbling to the ground, but first we have the nearly sixty foot fall to the ground.

When I'm still alive twenty minutes later as they haul me onto the stretcher, then the ambulance, then anotehr stretcher, then a hospital bed I can't help but feel like I should be dead. If I were going to die I would have already. So why am I still alive?

The End

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