The NoteMature

“I really love Kyra, okay? You just make things really hard for us. You have to back off.” Taylor explained to Kaitlyn, just before Psych class.


Taylor just went sat at the end of the class. She couldn’t help but scowl at Kaitlyn, for a little while, at least. She started noticing her beautiful auburn hair and the way everyone really enjoyed her company. And how her eyes would dance to life every time something funny happened.


“Wait, stop! What am I thinking? After all of this shit with Kyra, I smile thinking about ‘her’!” Thought Taylor to herself. “I cannot even look at her anymore, irrespective of the way she dresses, laughs, talks, looks.”


Taylor found a note at the bottom of her chair at the end of class. It said, 8pm, behind GreenLawn’s Exclusive Mart. Be there or be square. Taylor isn’t one to take orders from anyone but she actually thought twice about going. She didn’t want to go but there was no milk  in the house.


As she parked her car, she saw Kaitlyn standing in the shadows, smoking a cigarette. 

The End

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