I'll Love You 'Til The End.Mature

Chapter One: It's Not About You

It was another one of those days, Taylor just couldn't take it anymore! This was the 5th fight that she and her girlfriend for 2 years, Kyra had gotten into, in 2 weeks. Kyra was never a jealous person until Kaitlyn transferred to their University, and Taylor's Psychology class. And Taylor was oblivious that she would unintentioally flirt with other girls, especially Kaitlyn.

"Kyra, what the hell is wrong with you?! Why are you so angry at me?!" Taylor asked, obviously frustrated. "You think I don't know how that girl, Kaitlyn has been trying to flirt with you and God knows what?! I know you know what she's trying to do and you're not doing anything except going with whatever she's playing at! What? I'm not enough for you anymore, Tay?? Tell me! Please just tell me! I just want...--" Kyra screamed and sobbed out of frustration, " Kyra..com'mon now. Kaitlyn's a bitch. Everyone knows that. I'd never go after her! You're my girl, you always will be. I love you. I'm sorry if I did or said anything to make you think differently. I can't help that Kaitlyn talks to me, we're in the same Psych. class. I'm sorry, Baby. Really I am." Taylor explained as she leaned her forehead against Kyra's, and whispered, " I'm sorry. I love you so much."

The next day, Taylor and Kyra were walking towards their English class, when Kaitlyn kept up from behind them and went up to Taylor and grabbed her other hand lacing her fingers with Taylor's...who was trying desperately to fight Kaitlyn's advances and to prevent another fight with Kyra, whoe was still emotional from the previous night. "Kate! Okay. You have to stop. I'm with Kyra. Stop flirting with me. Stop trying to touch me and hold my hand! You're making things so complicated for us!" Taylor yelled, and stormed down the hall, dragging Kyra with her. " Well, maybe if you chose the right girl for you, you wouldn't be having such a hard time." Kaitlyn whispered.

The End

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