I'll Do What I Can

"What am I supposed to do? This isn't my business." Amy thought to herself. "Why did she have to tell me?"


Amy never got into any trouble. Even if she wanted to, it wasn't an option. Her fragile, slender and hunched figure indicated the kind of 16-year-old she was. Her head was always down and covered by her straight, brown hair. As a proper introvert, she kept to herself without causing any problems.


Her way of life was being challenged by her friend Stacy. “Friend” is a strong word. As a young girl, Stacy was also abnormally quiet. They found comfort in each other's company. It's when they had entered middle-school that Stacy realized that her mouth was meant for talking. And that she did. A lot. Her brand-new, fun-loving attitude had crowned her as the queen of her class. Her wavy blonde hair, smooth, tan skin and loud green eyes assisted as well. Naturally, they no longer had much in common. Their families were close and would spend much time together, and that's where they would interact. Or rather Stacy would brag about her tween love-life and Amy would listen, not quite caring. Once in awhile, she would nod or say a word or two.


"Doesn't she have other friends she can tell these things to?"


It happened during one of the family get-togethers. Everyone was outside enjoying the barbecue in the beautiful summer’s day. Stacy grabbed Amy’s arm and dragged her to her bedroom.

“You won’t believe what happened!” exclaimed Stacy. Amy was used to these introductions. She was fully prepared to endure finding out about who broke up with who.

“So, like, I was walking in the hallway, and like, the craziest thing… I saw Mr. Jackson chugging a flask in his office!". I was shocked. Mr. Jackson was the kind of teacher who radiated a strong confidence. This was indeed “the craziest thing”.

“But that’s not it!” she went on. “At some point he kicked the wall crazy hard, and he made a freakin’ hole in the wall! And right after that, he saw me. I bolted. He can totally bust my chops... But you know what? I’m gonna walk up to him, all chill, and say “I know”. He’s gonna flip!”

Amy, who usually avoids any kind of confrontation, said “Um… m...m..maybe you sh...shouldn’t do that.”

“Why not? I’d get to say goodbye to biology, like, forever. You don’t know what you’re talking about… Cause you’re a goody-goody. I’m outta here” Stacy said as she left Amy’s bedroom.


“What am I going to do?”


The next day, Amy noticed that everyone was chatting and laughing excitedly. Amy leaned in to hear what a group of sophomores was saying.


“She’s toast man. I know she’s loud and annoying, but breaking the wall is a bold move.” a long-haired boy said.

“W...w..what happened?” Amy asked the boy.

“Insane man. Mr. Jackson saw that girl Stacy kick a hole in the wall. Dude, she’s got a strong kick. That chick will definitely be expelled”

Amy turned pale. “Oh no…” she thought.

Amy didn't know what to do. She hadn't been in such a sticky situation since she was forced to give a speech at her 12th birthday. Her list of options didn't please her. She could either talk to Mr. Jakson, Principal McKinsey or her parents. The latter was the least dreadful of the three. She simply did not want her undisturbed world rattled.


She dragged herself home after school and waited to speak to her parents during suppertime.

"Mom, Dad, Stacy got into trouble at school today" said Amy. "She was accused of kicking a hole in a wall, and she got expelled".

Amy's parents were appalled. "My gosh!" gasped her mother. Destruction of school property is no joking matter" added her father.

Before her parents got the wrong idea, she blurted "But it's not her fault! She's being framed! She caught Mr. Jackson drinking alcohol at school, and then he kicked the wall. He's the one that did it. She told me yesterday at the barbecue."

"Those are some serious accusations you're making there, little missy" said her father. "I know Mr. Jackson very well and he's a respectable man. Also, I'm not sure that girl is to be trusted. Her folks have told us that Stacy has been getting into all sorts of trouble. I think we should let them take care of the situation. This is none of our business".

Amy knew it was no use to try and convince them. She was sick of taking part in this whole mess. She warned Stacy and attempted to help her. There's just so much she could do.


On her way to school the next day, Amy heard a whistle come from some bushes. She walked over to see what it was. It was Stacy. Of course it was.

"Hey girl! 'Sup?" Stacy said in a fake cool manner.

"Don't act all "chill", you got expelled! What happened?"

"Calm down, jeez... I walked into school yesterday and before I knew it, I was in McKinsey's office being getting my behind served to me. It's pretty obvious Jackson put the blame on me before I could do anything about it" explained Stacy. Her coolness no longer apparent.

"I assumed. Well, what's your plan now?" Amy asked.

"You've got to help me" Stacy replied with a pitiful smile.

"Oooooh no. I tried telling my parents and they did noth..."

"Well, of course your parents won't help me!" interjected Stacy. "They've never liked me. Please, I'm begging you. Walk up to McKinsey and tell him what I told you had happened. You're my only savior!"

Stacy started tearing. Amy dreaded involving herself in the situation, but she knew it was the right thing to do. "Okay Stacy".


"D you realize that what you're telling me might end the career of not only a teacher, but a family man as well?" Asked Principal McKinsey, a broad-shouldered man with a mustache as thick as fur.

"I do..." whispered Amy.

Principal Mckinsey stared at Amy for a few more seconds before he told the secretary to fetch Mr. Jackson.

"What's going on?" Mr. Jackson said with a puzzled expression as he entered the office room. He was a short man with a blonde, balding head. He wore his red, white and blue trademark tie.

"Have a seat please" said Principal McKinsey calmly.

The matter was explained to Mr. Jackson. "What?! Those are lies!" he yelled.

"Calm down Mr. Jack.."

"I most certainly will not!" He continued. "You're going to take a student's word rather than take mine?!".

Amy felt a feeling she had never felt before. Rage. "I'M TELLING THE TRUTH! YOU'RE THE LIAR!"

"I think that's enough for now. Please grab your belongings and leave the school premises until further notification" Said Principal McKinsey to Mr. Jackson.

Mr. Jackson left the office and slammed the door behind him.

"Calm down, Amy, shh... Calm down. Don't worry, you're doing the right thing".


Over the next few days, all anyone could talk about was Mr. Jackson's probation. Amy felt at ease now that the whole story was behind her. She might not have been Stacy's best friend, but she was happy she could help a schoolmate. She was surprised to find out that she's so much stronger than she had thought. She confronted the principal about another teacher's misconduct. She let her voice be heard. Who knows what else she's capable of?


"Hey Amy! Did you hear the news?" Stacy asked Amy one day after school.

"No, what's up?" Amy asked.

"He's gone! Mr. Jackson got sacked! We no longer have to be abused by his boring classes" Stacy said.

"That's great. An alcoholic teacher is no educator" Amy said.

"Hear hear to that!" Stacy said as she took a flask out of her coat and took a swig.

The End

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