Chapter 1

In a post-apocalyptic world, two sisters are being stripped of everything they hold dear. It is not just the forces of nature that rip at the fabric of their lives but malicious workings by people who above all else seek power.

Dear Diary

Today, they stopped letting water come to the taps.

Mummy had been worried this would happen for a while, she bought huge plastic bottles and containers and has been filling them and storing them and buying more containers since she first heard about the floods.

Mummy knows all about the floods, she used to travel all over the world and help people when there was a problem. She saw floods all the time but said these floods aren't the same. She says that with the other floods, the water comes and distroys everything and then it goes back. The damage is what she is used to helping to fix. But she says she doesn't know how they will fix this because the water won't go back.

I don't understand what Mum and Dad talk about most of the time now. Where did the water come from and why it won't go back, but I know that all the grown ups seem scared. I don't want to be scared. I like water, I won't be scared!

Mum and Dad used to drop Skye at nursary and then me at school and then they would go to work and pick us up after. Now Dad doesn't really go to work much. Mum is almost always at work and Dad looks after Skye during the day. They both look tired, they always argue in loud whispers  when they think I've gone to sleep, but I can't sleep.

School is different too. In the morning we have drills for emergencies, we used to do those for fires but now it isn't just fires anymore. They have different alarms, there is one where we all have to go down to the basement and wait. There are ones where we have to get under our desks and put on funny smelling masks and there are ones where we each take assigned packages up to the roof and sit there and wait. I've seen pictures of people in floods on the roof, but I don't know what good the other drills would do, and none of the teachers will tell us. Some of the older kids pull faces at us and say that it isn't just flooding we should worry about, but Mum and Dad say they are just teasing, besides, it is only flooding that they talk about on the news. Instead of Maths and English and the other lessons they used to teach at school, now they mainly do quizes on the highest parts of the county, or how to clean dirty water so you can drink it. Mum says the lessons they teach now are more important but they are so strict. If you make a single mistake you have to do it over again until it's perfect, and they don't even let us have our reading lessons. Miss Hazel was busy reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe to us, but now we have a P.E lesson instead. It's not fair!

Tonight Mum and Dad got us on the couch and we watched the news together. They told us that for safety, the water would be turned off in our area from tomorrow onwards. Dad joked about how I had always hated bathtime and how now I wouldn't need to anymore. Mum just sighed and kissed me and then Dad before taking Skye to bed. She looked so tired.

I couldn't sleep so when Dad came to tuck me in he brought The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and we read to the end because Miss Hazel hadn't. 

The End

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