I'll be by Your Side

They're gone, I'm all alone now. I know that I will never again have a good life, never again be happy, until, I found someone. Someone who can understand me, someone who knows what I am going through, and someone who can save me from the pain.

I'll be by your side


My dad and I got into another fight today.  It’s not like this is first time, and it’s not like he ever hurts me, at least not physically.  I know it was a stupid thing to fight about, but how could he say that all my friends are idiots!?  I know that they have not always been there for me, but they’re all I have at least. 

   Anyways, I guess I should tell you about me, I’m sixteen, with no hope of ever growing up.  I live with my parents in England, and I know your thinking “Ugh, REALLY!”  well yea, but it’s not what you think.  My dad is military, so we move allot, even overseas.  I am American, and miss the States ALLOT!

   I really hate being in the military, it’s hard leaving everyone you know every three years, and eventually, you just learn to shut yourself down, to shut out the world and everyone in it.  I really hated it here in England at first, but then, despite my best efforts, I made some friends.  Their not exactly the kind of friends that you would go to with everything, but for now, they’re all I have.

  Another thing you should probably know is I’m homeschooled.  I know that that is foreign to allot of people, but it is just my mom teaching me everything at home.  Anyways, so this is me.  Just a normal, scratch that, completely abnormal American teenager. 

  “Second on seven!”

  Jason’s high pitched voice scares me out of my day dreaming.  I swear he can be so annoying!  Too bad he’s dating my best friend at the moment. 

  I’m going I’m going!  Seriously calm down Jason!  There isn’t even a customer!”

  “I’m just saying.”

  “Yea, your ALWAYS just saying”  I mutter under my breathe, not wanting to start a fight, but still very angry.  I can tell that he isn’t happy, but like I care.

  I slowly and deliberately walk toward register seven.  I have worked here at the commissary for nearly two years of my life, since I was in eighth grade, is that sad or what!  We only have to work for three hours once a week after school, but I just work every day, why not right?  I don’t really mind work, but sometimes it can be a real downer.  I see that Julie is the first bagger at register seven.  She looks up and smiles at me.  My only friend on this whole miserable base, I just wish she would break up with Jason already!

  “He is really annoying me!”

  “Common Fay, what do I always tell you?”

  I know, I know ‘the only way for you two to get along is to talk to each other’ but seriously, he is just so RUDE sometimes!”

   “Honestly Fayren, I don’t know what you want from me, there’s nothing I can do about you two not liking each other!”

  “I know, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.”


  I turn towards the register, and sure enough there is a rather large pale lady with a full cart.  The cashier, whose name is Jackleen if I remember correctly, says hi to her.  The customer says hi and I catch her British accent. 


  I hear Julie moan quietly.

 “Common, it’s not THAT bad!”

  “You know, you can take this out.”

  “K, but seriously, the British don’t ALWAYS tip badly! “

  “Are you kidding me!?  Most times they don’t even know that we are here to bag for them!  And they seem to NEVER know that they are actually supposed to tip us!  And if they do, well, have you ever gotten a good tip from a Brit?

“I’m sure I have, it’s not like I remember every tip I’ve ever gotten.”

  “Yea, sure.  anyways let’s switch so you can take it out.”

  I give her a ‘Your so ridiculous, but I’m friends with you for that reason’ look and move around the carts that are parked behind us to get to the first bagger position.  I think that it is an odd setup, to have just to bag racks side by side for two baggers, but it works, though it can get a little crowded when bagging with the ‘wider’ baggers. 

  Usually we would be laughing and joking about stupid stuff, but not today.  Today I was not in the mood.  I was still upset set about the fight with my dad.  I had never told anybody I hated them, until last night that is.

   I know it was wrong, and I know I didn’t mean it, but I said it anyways, and I know it hurt him.  I am sorry that I said it, and I really wish I could take it back, but I know I can’t.  As soon as I get home I plan to apologize.  I hope he excepts it, I know he will, but the hurt will still be there, for him, and for me. 

  Ugh, I’m so dramatic sometimes! It can really get annoying, but, I guess that’s just all apart of being a teenager.

  “So, how are you today?”

  My customer brought me away from my thoughts and back to reality.  I can tell she has a very thick British accent, but I don’t have any trouble understanding her, I have lived here for two years after all, just one more to go.  I am really excited about going back to the states, just not so thrilled about leaving my friends. 

  I finish putting the groceries in the back of her car and thank her for the tip.  I count it once I am out of sight of her.

  “Four dollars, ha!  I told her!”

  I run back with the cart smiling, I love it when I’m right.  When I get inside, I don’t see Julie, I guess she left, it is 6:50 after all, and work ends at seven.  She usually leaves early; either that or she is taking out a cart.

  I shove the money in my pocket and go sit down one of the three wooden benches that are set up for the baggers.  I know there are too many baggers for me to bag again tonight, but I sit there patiently waiting for seven o’clock.  After five minutes I decide I can leave, and I get my stuff from the lockers.  It’s been raining outside, and now the rain has frozen over. 

  I can’t believe it’s so dark and cold, but I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.  We’re in December and it usually gets dark around four at this time of year.  I have to walk the half an hour to my house, this is going to be fun!  As I begin my walk home, I see Julie’s car, I guess she did leave after all, to bad she didn’t say goodbye. 

  As I walk, I pull out my phone and call my mom’s cell.  They went to London today to get my mom her Christmas present, lucky them!  It rings, and rings, but no one answers.  They’re probably still in Harrods, oh well, at least I’ll have some alone time. 

  I wrap my coat tightly around me and redouble my pace, and before I know it I’m off the base and almost home.  We live right outside the gate so it’s only about ten minutes away.  As I neared my house, I realized that something wasn’t quite right. 

  I lived in a small neighborhood with all the tiny houses squished together.  At the moment we didn’t have many neighbors, it was moving season after all, but we still did have two on either side of us, and what was strange was that both of their cars were gone and all the lights off.  It was eerie how silent and dark everything was.  It was as if an unnatural stillness had griped the night, and it scarred the crap out of me!

   I ran to my door and unlocked it.  My mom had left me a note, but I decide that I would read it later, first I had to try and get a hold of them again.  I called my dad’s cell first hoping that I would have better luck with that, but when I heard it ringing in the living room, I realized he had forgotten to take it.  Dismayed, I tried once again to call my mom’s cell, but there was still no answer.

  “What the heck is going on!”

   I say to myself as my hands begin to shake.  I just know they are all right, they have to be!  I keep trying as I turn on the lights in the house and make my way up the stairs, but to no avail.  I was just about to get undressed when I hear a knock on the door.  Running down stairs, I grab my mace spray; you never know who could show up in this neighborhood.  I slip it into my coat pocket as the door opens.  I freeze as I see who it is.   A single tear splashed to the ground, and I knew then and there that my world had just ended.

The End

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