I was born from the loins of disingenuous governors and magistrates, whose forbidden fruit seemed content to just push itself into the nearest barmaid than any Germanic princess or wild savage royalty. They cared not for me, so I cared not for them. When I killed them, they squealed, not like piglets, but more like choir boys. I am not a man who has been bestowed with the powers of speech and perseverance, so I am admittedly a poor politician. That is fine with me; the reign of a puppet conqueror is far more glorious and rewarding than that of the hoarse senator on the tribunal floor, whose pains are rewarded with stab wounds in every one of his orifices.

See how I am useful in my incompetence. I am one of the few breed of strong men who allow themselves to be used, unlike the screaming army of wards or hostages now residing in Constantinople. My armies stand on the backs of others, and I reward those bearing my weight accordingly. See how I have now taken Athens?

"You have not taken Athens, my Duke."

How are you capable to contradict me now, ghost?

"As Athens is not a city in the sense to be won-"

The End

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