iiia absurdumMature

the office is quiet

Stephen is already in but then Stephen is always here, but no sign of anyone else just yet - it is Monday after all

Sarah's  probably struggling to get in after getting pissed at that bar she usually goes to, to pick up some tattooed loser that reminds her of the last one she dated

she really should get her act together, i'm always having to pick up her dead weight, probably because she has no qualms about throwing herself at David

i put my lunch, media case and laptop on my desk, lift the screen of my laptop and switch it on - it always takes a while to warm up - I throw a nod Stephen's way and head upstairs for another cup of coffee

i trundle up the stairs and switch the main lights on, it's still pretty dark this morning

no one in sales here yet either? where the fuck is everybody? i'm not that early

maybe i missed a memo or something, i hope not because if it's national fucking 'bail on work' day i'm not holding the fort

The End

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