Based on the show Icarly. Yes i am that nerdy. No, I don't care.

"And cut!" Freddie turned the camera off and ended the filming of another iCarly episode.

"Hey Freddie and Sam…"

"Yes, Carly" Freddie instantly turned from his laptop to face Carly and almost knocked his camera off the tripod (A/N: Do they use a tripod? If not, they do now.) This was noticed by Sam who rolled her eyes. Carly noticed Sam rolling her eyes at Freddie and she smiled.

"Spencer and I have to leave real quick, he has to run out to buy some pork chops."

"And I can't come along to get pork chops why?" asked an apparently hungry Sam.

Carly knew it was time for phase I of her plan. "Because I said so, Freddie needs help cleaning up the set."

"Carly, you can't leave Sam and me alone! She'll kill me!"

Carly batted her eyes at Freddie. "Will you do it for me Freddie?" Sam was disgusted as Freddie practically drooled.

After much debating, Sam finally agreed to stay. After Carly left with Spencer Sam and Freddie were able to clean up the set in less than five minutes.

"You know, I think she left us on purpose, I didn't need help cleaning that. I cleaned it all except closing the laptop."

"It wouldn't have closed itself." Sam joked. She was wondering if what Freddie said was indeed true- did Carly leave them alone for a reason? Did Carly know she loved Freddie?...

Freddie looked worried. "Why are you so silent? Are you planning some way to humiliate me?"

"Thanks for the idea, but no. I was, um, thinking of what we should do while Carly's gone." Sam totally improvised, but Freddie bought it.

"Yeah, we should do something fun…how 'bout we go find out what channel number the history channel is?" Sam stared at Freddie with her mouth open in disbelief. The history channel, he had to be kidding.

"You can go and watch the geek channel, but I'm gonna go on the laptop." Sam opened Freddie's laptop.

"Hey, you can't touch my laptop!"

"Too late. Let's see…I know I'll IM some friends. Just let me log in." Sam logged on to her account.

"What's your name?" Sam stared at Freddie like he was the dumbest person on the planet.

"My name is Sam!"

"I know that! Gosh Sam, I'm not stupid…please no comment. I meant you screen name."

"My screen name is dbellrocks."

"What's dbell?"

"Drake Bell. The guy on the poster in my locker."

"Why do you like him, he doesn't like you, he doesn't even know you."

"I don't like him; I just think he's cool. And you're one to talk about liking someone and they don't like you back." Freddie shrugged, knowing Sam had a point. In the back of Sam's mind a voice said "You're also one to talk…At least Freddie has told Carly he loves her, you haven't even told Freddie…" Sam pushed the voice away.

"So Freddie, what's your screen name?"

"I don't have one."

"What! What else do you do on your laptop all the time?"

"I do educational things, iCarly, and add info to Wikipedia." Sam coughed the word "loser".

"Fine then, I'll set up an account." Freddie signed Sam out and filled out all the information for a new account without the screen name. "What should my name be…?"

"Here's a list I came up with." Sam held out a piece of paper to Freddie. Freddie read the possible names and really wasn't surprised.

  • Nerdturd
  • Historychannelwatcher
  • Techgeek
  • CarlyStalker

Freddie had to laugh at that last one. "I'm not going to use CarlyStalker, Sam!"

"Come up with a name of your own then."

After a few minutes of decision-making, Freddie decided to have the screen name of "fbtech". He hit enter and a note came up saying that someone already had that name. "Who else would choose fbtech? The fb was for Freddie Benson…and then tech. What should I do now?"

"Why not just add a number after it?"

"Great idea, Sam. Pick a number."

Sam smiled a mischievous smile and said, " 69 ". Freddie just shook his head and told her to pick another number.


So Freddie became fbtech101. Freddie and Sam heard a door shut. Sam ran downstairs yelling "The pork chops are here!"

Freddie just smiled. Sam was funny sometimes. She was…unique. Well, everyone is unique, but Freddie was adjusting to Sam quite fine. They could be considered friends now.

Freddie heard Carly telling Sam that all 40 pork chops were for the sculpture of a pig and Sam pouting.

The door opened. "Good, you're alive, Freddie." Carly smiled. Freddie smiled back. Sam's insides squirmed.

"What are you doing on your laptop, Freddie?" Carly asked him sweetly, wanting to see Sam's reaction.

"Oh, I created a screen name. I can IM now."

"Yeah, he really needed a screen name; he needed to IM someone to find out how to pick up girls." Sam got rid of her squirming feeling with an insult.

"Hey! I've had a girlfriend before!"

"She was just using you." Freddie had nothing to say to that. He just glared at Sam.

As much as Carly was enjoying this hate part of what she thought was a love-hate relationship (she thought the love would develop with time) she had to end it. It was time for phase II of her plan.

"Freddie, if you really want to IM someone for girl advice, not that you need it-" Carly was interrupted by Sam's laughter. "- not that you need it but my cousin, Matt, once corresponded by IM and found out some, um, "moves". I can call him; he lives in Yamika, and tell him to IM the guy to IM you."

"That sounds confusing, but if you can, great." Freddie agreed- anything that could possibly end up with him and Carly dating was great.

"I didn't know you had a cousin named Matt." Sam stated.

"Yeah, he hasn't visited in a long time."

"How could someone related to you have a problem picking up someone?" Freddie asked, looking at Carly.

"Her brother is downstairs making a sculpture of a pig out of pork chops. Not to mention girls have only dated him for his cool socks…" Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, um, I get the point. But those socks are very cool."

Carly, Sam and Freddie then went downstairs to ask Spencer some sock related questions.

(Time passes)

Freddie logged onto his IM account. He was at his house, enjoying some free time while his mom was out shopping for more anti-tick lotion.

He entered a chat room at the exact time Carly said her cousin said the person would be on.

Someone else entered the chat room. Freddie smiled. Oh, he would so get the "moves". The person's IM name was TheLadyKiller.

The End

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