A Glimpse Over The WallMature

A brush of the lips. Just a slight brush and Senri truly wondered if the alcohol was messing with his brain. Because it was so soft it might as well not have been there. Without meaning to, his fingers gripped harder out of reflex. More so because... It felt good and the kid was cute as hell. Nonononono Not going down the road Focusing in on the kid, he saw Sesome's head was lowered. flinching and eyes closed, expecting to be hit. Silly, silly boy Letting out a slow sigh, he let go of the other, causing the other to fall back not expecting such a thing.

"Why do you go to such great lengths to keep me away Sesome?" Senri murmured in a soft voice reading the desperate bluff. Sesome had kissed him, hoping he would get a violent reaction. Hoping Senri would high tail it away thinking the kid was pining after him. Though his heart hurt, the teen was terrified and mind moving too fast, the other was going to crash hard at this point. Taking a breath to steady himself, Senri decided to focus one thing at a time and for now it was to get the other to calm down enough and step away from desperate motions like kissing someone, in hopes to piss them off... Only in the back of his mind he added that the other shouldn't do this when he did not know just how different of a reaction he could have just gotten...

Stroking the other's hair, gentle just a slight touch and shifting the other onto his side he rubbed gentle circles. Until the other fell asleep, kissing the top of the other's head and taking slow careful movements as not to wake the sleeping teen. Sipping off the sweater, leaving the other in the thin thermal, and then the blue jeans he knew were not comfortable to sleep in. Going into the hall closet and drawing out a thick quilt he laid it over the sleeping teen.

Bitterly he knew bringing the news to Cherry about this would be useless, she was rather distant and saw her son less than Senri. Not seeming interested in being a mother, and with a kid like Sesome. A kid who got good grades, a kid who did not go out much, a kid who did his homework without told... It was odd, looking in at the two. Cherry was aloof and not very affections while Sesome did not seek affection.

God, it was too late for this and he needed to sleep off the alcohol before work. So pushing this from his mind, he crawled into he and Cherry's shared bed naked and fell into a sleep. Forgetting about checking up on his girlfriend's were about and truly too tired to care. And waking up with a sticky mess in his boxers, and the fading dream of Cherry's son. Wide green eyes, full lips parted and abused looking with Senri's own cum splashed across his pretty face. Those eyes, full of relief and need and embarrassment that begged Senri to get closer, drive him deeper into pleasure, his pretty, delicate Sesome would never be alone again.

And never able or wanting to push him away.

......That could not have been a perfectly rational thought....


The End

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