Senri P.O.VMature

"Sesome, I won't judge you. You don't have to worry, I'm here. I'll listen," those words Senri repeated mentally almost every day at dinner when he sat and watched the quiet teen fix dinner. The silence was usually unnerving for the blond so he talked and talked, yet he could never build up to say those words. Being a caring person by nature, Senri was known to go out of his way to get close to people he saw hurting. But.. Sesome did not look like he was hurting. Yet he had this overwhelming urge to be there, to let the other relax the tension he seemed to hold when he knew someone was around. Because the rare glimpses he got into the morning, in the bathroom or when the teen's door was ajar and he was on his computer or doing homework. The boy looked so relaxed, at peace, yet so lonely.

Even now, Sesome said nothing as he tried to wiggle, sobbing so hard the older male was afraid he'd start hyperventilating. But he held on tightly, and eventually he realized the other was holding onto him too. Laying his that smaller head against his shoulder. Lax and eyes closed tightly and when they were opened it felt like the boy was a million miles away. Sighing, he stood up, adjusting so he was carrying the boy bridal style. Expecting the teen to start to struggle and make a fuss, and soon finding himself wanting that as the teen remained so far away.

Embarrassed maybe? Definitely wounded.

"I'm too buzzed for this kind of night," the blond thought to himself, carrying the slight male up the stairs and going to the second door on the right, pushing it open into Sesome's neat room. Rather a plane and even bare. A desk with a nice looking computer case sitting in the chair, books on top. Bed made, and a closet that was closed tightly. Laying the teen on the bed, he sat near the other yet trying to give the other space at the same time. "There is no shame in crying Sesome... No shame in speaking your mind either. I know I probably do so too loosely, but please... Please try and tell me why you were crying," Senri began, not really knowing where he was going so going straight to the point. 

No Answer

That far off stare, and it killed Senri. He wanted it gone, he wanted to never see such a sad look across the other's face. Even more so the brat would not let him help, cursed to just look at the other and yet not able to help. Blood boil he turned and drew the other to a sitting position staring into those far off eyes.

"Sesome I am trying to help y-"

The End

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