A Glimpse Over The WallMature

Senri had walked into the door, shrugging off his coat and kicking off his shoes. He had been called by Cherry during his lunch break and asked to come have drinks with some of her co-workers. Something to do with the business like and she would be bored. So he drove his pickup to the bar, had drinks with his girlfriend's coworkers, but it was getting late and he had worked in the morning, excusing himself and took a taxi home. Silently cursing himself, the slight more than a buzz he remembered he forgot to text Sesome, then again.... He didn't have the kid's number,

Surely Cherry texted her son not to make dinner for three.

"Sesome?" the blond male called lightly. Seeing the light on in the kitchen, most likely doing his homework. Maybe he had a bad day? Though it was a bit late for that, but teens had bad days. Pulling out his cell phone, waiting for a text from Cherry on an ETA of when she would be home. Seeing nothing, he looked up, brown eyes widened slightly. Sesome was sitting in the chair. Though not leaned over doing homework as normal, no just sitting. Body rigid and Senri could tell he was nearly shaking from a few feet away in the dim light.

Long dark hair hung over the face, hiding the expression though the tension through the shoulders and knuckles white were indicators enough that the usually seemingly calm teen was anything but. Not really thinking in terms of overstepping boundaries, not caring that Sesome seemed to hold everything at arms length- something he tried to respect and not push. He walked slowly over to the other so as not to embarrass or startle the other.

"Sesome," he called gentle, placing the cell phone inside of his pocket.


The other was crying even if he couldn't hear it he could see the droplets and subtle shake through his body. He hated seeing people cry, and to hell with telling the other to buck up like some jackass. Though the memories of the other reeling rather well when he tried to get closer, just ask questions and noticing the way the other seemed to direct the conversation somewhere else. Would give him a polite smile, withdraw. In truth, the kid was a bit of a stranger even though he had lived there for several months. But he chalked it up to the other being shy, and his mother seemed unconcerned when he brought it up. But he couldn't let the other just sit there, he couldn't just walk away. Hell the kid did not even seem to be responding and even slightly intoxicated Senri knew this wasn't good.

Crouching in front of the other, green eyes met brown, tearing and bloodshot. Just as he was about to wrap his arms around the other, lost for words and slightly afraid of putting his foot in his mouth he was nearly knocked over as the other tried to stand and possibly bolt. Next thing Senri knew, maybe it was a reaction because the kid was crying or because he was about to be run down, but his arms were around the other. Fallen back on the floor, and the dark haired boy lay practically motionless within his arms. Face covered.


"Sorry Senri,"


Senri almost missed the words. Whispered and the sound of crying. "It's ok, hey it's late... And I won't make you say anything, but I can't let you alone like this. Not on my conscious," he murmured, wincing seeing the other's expression slightly less covered now.

Right, alcohol breath probably was not that appealing. Pushing the thoughts away, he drew the other closer. Ignoring that his ass hurt from falling back on the floor, ignoring the struggle the other put as he wrapped his arms around the other and held tightly. Suddenly too aware not to hold too tightly, the form was too skinny. The way his limbs moved, he did not know how to protect himself.

But Senri could protect him. Senri could knock down all those walls the boy put up and see what the other hid from the world.

What weird thoughts, stop it.

The End

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