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"Does it ever feel strange to be so quiet?" the slight teasing drawl did not catch Sesome by surprise though the question did.

It was the fourth Friday of the month, chicken for dinner.

"I don't mean to offend Seso- but I have been here for a few months now and you don't... Really say much," the voice continued.

He was making a chicken stir fry, chop the chicken into little slices, then bell pepper, soy sauce... Always something chicken on the fourth Friday of the month. Ignore the heat creeping up his face and tips of his ears.


"I take no offense, I just have nothing to say," he murmured, throwing the stir fry together in the pan. At least the other did not stare at the scar on his face, nor did he say anything overly rude and had always seemed rather respectful of not trying to treat Sesome like he ran the place just because he moved in.

"Well... Do I make you uncomfortable? I- you can tell me, I'll leave you alone if you want,"

This question threw the younger male off even more so the statement. Opening his mouth slightly to go to speak before closing, the other did in his own way- irking him. But it was not because of Senri himself, but the change. A change in their lives that Sesome had not expected. Not many young twenty-somethings mind living with a sexy thirty-something year old woman who seemed to have a bit of money for fun, but add a teenage boy to the mix and most dart or do not take it as far as moving in even if they come for a nightcap nearly every night.

"I am not used to having anyone here so I grew used to not talking, and you... you," the boy hesitated before not saying any of those words. Surely the man would see him as odd, the counselors and teachers at his school looked at him strange if they did at all. No one bullied him because the teachers watched him as if he were a ticking time bomb and talking your true thoughts only made such things worse. Short and sweet, show respect, and Sesome had learned the key to being left in peace.


"You do not make me uncomfortable," Sesome stated, the slight smile he used with his teachers forming on his lips.


You put yourself here, don't you see that? You inserted yourself... You are part of the predictability now, don't you see? Please see that, please.


... Please don't go ...


"-And dinner is ready," with that, he changed the subject and placed the stir fry on the two awaiting plates. Trying to shake the inner thoughts that he wanted to scream.


It was suffocating.

It was not supposed to happen, this Senri was supposed to stay 'John'.

Stupid inconsiderate man...


No, no, not stupid... Why couldn't you be one of them.

Cherry would probably still be at work and call Senri to go out for drinks later, probably take the last bit of stir fry for lunch tomorrow. Sitting down, he began to eat and thumb through his algebra two books, trying to look busy studying so to evade these strange new questions.

"Ah, looks good Sesome!, What are we having tonight, Seso?"

Were as far as the direct talking to him that Senri displayed, with a pat on the head and sitting down at the table chattering idly about work, or stories about his days in high school, sometimes they would make Sesome laugh. Though usually his focus was on eating and homework at the dinner table, book and paper laid out beside his plate. Senri had never crossed into anything too personal or even asked him questions...

Now that was changing?


Why suddenly now?



The End

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