Falling Into ChaosMature

It was a Thursday fall morning, Sesome got out of bed and got ready for school before sunrise. Enjoying the silence and the slow lightning awakening through the windows as he went through his routine. Dressed in a thin black thermal shirt and a pair of comfortable blue jeans, making his french toast and starting the pot of coffee.

"Ah, Good morning Sesome," the greeting with a hint of sleepiness still in the voice, deep. A lazy smile and as he felt the slight touch on the top of his head the slight smell of fading spice cologne. A comforting pat, the blond male fit the usual build for his redheaded mother. Toned, the mid-twenties, and a rather charisma about them. Except this one, greeted him by name.

He had been around enough with enough slight small talk to even learn it.

And now, this had been the third time the man, Senri, had come down in the kitchen when Sesome began to cook... Pouring the other a cup of coffee he gave a slight greeting nod, dropping the mug in front of the still sleep dazed male, carrying his own up the steps, past his room and to the restroom the hall shared. Blinking as he opened and door, finally having truly noticed the blue toothbrush that sat near he and his mother's. How long had that been there? Usually, there were a few spares in the drawer for a 'John'. Being a quiet boy, whose life was rather unpredictable other than the strict line he had seen as his pattern said nothing to his mother about this. Questioning what brought on this new change. In a way, it slightly unnerved him, but without much of a word the green-eyed boy adapted to this variation, not expecting it to last too long.

Sesome would come home from school, toe off his shoes and start dinner while homework at the table. Sometimes Senri would come rolling out of the bed or perhaps come into the house to wait for Cherry to get off of work. Sesome started making larger dinners. And secretly enjoyed seeing the other's eyes light up when he tried the food considering his mother does not usually comment on the meals that the teen places in the fridge for her.

After a month of this continuous appearances at breakfast and dinner, Sesome realized the other was actually living with them... Which irked the teen, he knew it was something odd to get ruffled at the fact of the other officially moving in... Without anyone telling him, but it irked him because this man, seemed to be wiggling into Cherry's life further than Sesome had seen before thus into his own life. But once more Sesome said nothing even though innerly he was still chanting that it would not last long.

Even though it was... nice.

Nice to have someone who chatted away at him even if it were a few moments in the evening or half dead morning routine they had started. Sesome would wake up, get ready, start the coffee as usual, but now making an extra piece or toast or frying up an egg that would be waiting beside Senri's now usual cup. Forming a routine for this strange event until the course rerouted itself, until they moved again until Cherry and Senri got into a fight.


Until Sesome stopped reminding himself.

The End

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