Falling Into ChaosMature

You put yourself here, don't you see that? You inserted yourself... You are part of the predictability now, don't you see? Please see that, please.
... Please don't go ...
"-And dinner is ready," with that, he changed the subject and placed the stir fry on the two awaiting plates.
Trying to shake the inner thoughts that he wanted to scream.
It was suffocating.
It was not supposed to happen, this Senri was supposed to stay 'John'.

Sesome's life had been predictable in its own strange way. Living with an aloof single mother, who seemed to provide well for both of them thanks to her strange relationship between being a workaholic and an on again off again drug user. That and her steady flow of boyfriends whose age seemed to stay around the same even as she aged. Not that his mother couldn't do that, she was rather beautiful in an eerie slash your throat way to Sesome. But to most, she was a bombshell and easy to look over luggage with too long black hair for a teenage boy with strange scars. But the baggage usually was held up in his room especially considering most boyfriends left early the next morning or didn't get out of the bed until Sesome was out of the house. Sesome very rarely knew their name so he called them John mentally, not very creative but better than 'the new guy of the night, week, or month'.

Maybe it was the drugs or Cherry's constant itch to leave when a job was pissing her off, but that was something else Sesome just went with. They moved quite a bit ever since he was a kid, though some of the extra baggage in the car made Sesome somewhat aware his mother might have a steady job all along, but he would never do something stupid as to ask Cherry about it. He got used to this predictable unsaid habit over the years, he and Cherry rarely spoke.

Communications consisting between sticky notes at six until the raven haired boy got a cell phone at fourteen. Short, distant, and clear direction or instructions that usually left Sesome alone at home from the time he got home from school to the time he decided to lay down at night. Or at least, he would be in his room pretending not to exist while his mother had a guest over. Not that he minded, his mother invested in electronics for her son. They did not pile up, compact, and easy to move. A laptop which held any movies, and used to books until the recent crazy with kindles, nooks, and other things like that. Cherry had given Sesome a credit card, which he used for their grocery shopping and little things here and there he wanted and even though he was never told exactly the limit was though he tried not to press it. The message was short and clear. Sesome usually did not buy anything personal with that card unless it was around Christmas or his birthday when he splurged slightly. Though usually it was some game, music or maybe an ebook.


When they moved it was usually a days notice and once it was a few hours Sesome had to once he got back home from school to pack and help load up their car with their compacted life. Never asking, why and following the woman's command. In its own way, it was comforting for Sesome to fall into a pattern when most would consider his life rather abnormal. But one day it changed, and the predictability that Sesome had come to really on slipped away. Or at least, it was a day that he noticed it was gone. And still to this day, he could not exactly pinpoint in his memory when it started.


The End

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