Linport, Maine

The wind blew the leaves around on the desolate sidewalk. The sun was beginning to set in the west, casting a large shadow over the small port town of Linport.

Linport was a small port town in northern Maine, just a few hours away from Portland. Linport was famous for the lobsters they would catch, it brought in business. Linport was the kind of town where almost everyone knew everyone and everything everyone did. Linport only had a population of about five-hundred. There really wasn't an upper class or lower class in Linport, everyone had their fair share of work; including the mayor and his family. Everyone knew the mayor and his family; the Galantes. Their family founded Linport back in 1760. LuAnne Crawford Linport and her husband, Cornelius Linport. Later on after Cornelius died, LuAnne remarried to a man named Hector Galante. She mainly married him for his money. It is still rumored to this day in the last few years of their marriage that LuAnne had poisoned his food one night. But the only one that knew, was LuAnne, and that was a secret she took to her grave when she died in 1820. The only remaining legacy of the Linport-Galante family was Linport Manor which sat upon the largest hill in Linport. 

In 1862, the Linport-Galante family had hit rock bottom when half of Linport went up in flames during a riot over the prices of fish and lobster. Not being able to hand everything that had transpired, Vivian Galante and half her family had committed suicide; leaving only two members left of the once powerful family. Soon after, the city of Linport was bought out by a business man from New York City who saw that the city was a goldmine waiting to be used. Only issues was, he didn't realize the Galante's weren't done with their city... yet.

The End

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