Prove ItMature

I grabbed a pair of old sweats and a gray shirt and went into the bathroom to change. After I changed I walked into my room where Edward was sitting  in my rocking chair with a worried expression. Good he deserves to be worried and uncomfortable for a change.  I suddenly decided that I had had enough and Edward was finally going to have sex with me TONIGHT! I crawled into bed and beckoned for him to join me. All the worried vanished from his face. Well it would be back very soon.

I pulled him closer and he complied and kissed me. I deepened the kiss then shortly after pulled away painting. He rested his forehead against mine, he breathing just a ragged. I decided to take edvantange of the situation.

"Edward you love me right?" I whispered as my breathing slowed. He seamed taken back by my question.

"Yes more then anything or anyone. Why Love?" He whispered back his breathing back to normal.

"I  was just thinking if you really did love me like you say you do, wouldn't you want me like I want you?" I questioned. He was speechless but quickly came up with a reply.

"Bella you no I do I just couldn't live with myself if anything bad happened during making love to you." He whispered.

"I disagree. You've kinda proved that you do lie covering up what you really feel. So you could be lying now. You could not . . . . .want me." I choked to sentence out.

"Bella . . . " I cut him off.

"Edward do you want me I mean want me more then just mentally?" I threw at him.

"Yes Bella I want you physically too." He said sure of himself.

"Prove it." I challenged. He growled.

"Bella . . ." I cut him off again.

"Prove it Edward or lose me forever." He was shocked by my sentence even in the darkness I could tell.

"Bella . . . . . ." He sounded like if he could cry he would be. He shook his head. And whispered my name again. "Bella . . . . " His voice was more husky this time.

The End

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