Chapter 8Mature

"Aren't you coming in the water?" Mickey asked Amber.

Amber took off her halterneck and skirt and spread a beach towel and lied down on it. She wore gigantic sunglasses and had a magazine in her hands.

"Na," she said.

"Are you sure?"



I tied my hair up and gave scrunchie to Heather. We both slipped out of our clothes and put them by our beach blankets. I looked down at myself. I thought I had a nice bikni bod. I put on my Gucci glasses and  I was just gonna walk by the water. I really didn't want to swim.

Mickey stared at me.

Heather looked at Jorda. She smiled at him. I think there's something going on between them. Heather and Jordan walked into the water.

"Ah, shit!" Jordan screamed. Everyone on the beach looked at him.

"Don't worry, people. The water is just soooo cold. Do not be alarmed."

Everyone stared at him and laughed. Jordan is a freak. Jordan held Heather's hand into the water. Mickey slipped off his shirt and I stared at him. His body was just so... perfect. He caught me staring at him and smiled. He headed off to the water.

"Aren't you coming?" he called. I nodded. I walked toward the water and stood there. Mickey was already in.

"C'mon in!" cried Jordan.

"No. Just gonna stand here. I don't wanna swim."

"Oh yes you do!" yelled Mickey.

He came out of the water all wet and sexy. Oh crap, why was I thinking about that?

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Bringing you in the water."

He scooped me up and dropped me in the water.

"Shit, Mickey! It's freakin' cold!"

"Sorry. But we're all here."

Amber was staring at him with a grumpy expression on her face. We all laughed. She stuck up middle finger at us. Then we laughed some more.

"Hey," said Jordan, "why didn't you do that to Amber?"

"Do what?" asked Mickey.

"Lift her up and drop her in the water."

"Because... she didn't want to come in..."

"Yeah, neither did Mel."

Mickey hesistated.

"Mel's our friend... I know you guys don't like Amber that much."

"Oh... ok," said Jordan smiling. Heather smiled at me.

What? I mouthed.

She just shook her head.

We talked and splashed for a while and eventually got out. Me and Heather went to the bathroom and changed. My hair was somehow still straight after I washed it in the showers and blow-dried it. I dried myself and put on my clothes. And I put just a tweek of eyeliner Heather had.

"Heather?" I asked.


"Do you like Jordan?"


"Okay. Good. Just wondering. Does he like you?"

"I think so. I mean he said he did."

"Did he kiss you?"

"Once. It was soooo romantic."


"Mel, do you like Mickey?"

I stared at her.

"No... we're just friends."

"Okay, whatever you say."

"I'm serious."

"Right... sure."

"Fine, don't believe me."

"Mel. If you know, or if you don't know..."

"Know what?"

"You love him. If you know you love him, or if you don't know you love him... you love him."

"That doesn't make sense. I don't love him!"

"It make sense. And you do."

"I don't know if I love him!"

"Exactly. If you don't you love him... you still do."

"Heather, are you on drugs or something? You make no sense!"

"Whatever. C'mon, we've been in here for a while. They're probably waiting."

We walked out and they were sitting on a bench. Mickey's black hair was still wet and he was talking to Amber. Heather walked to Jordan and held his hand. I went to go walk alone and saw someone familiar. It was Adam.

"Adam?" I called.

He looked at me.

"Hey Melanie!"

"You work here. Cool."

"Yeah. Only on weekends... obviosly. It's almost summer though. Wanna play?"

"Oh, I stink at this game."

"Well, you could try. On me."

"I couldn't."

"You can."


I played the game and actually one. Adam gave me a gigantic bear that held a heart. I blushed.


"No problem. Hey, are you here alone?"

"No, with my friends. If only you could hang out with us."

"I could. My shift's almost done. Just wait like 10 minutes."

In those ten minutes, Adam and  I talked. People came by and played. Then finally, he was done.

He held my hand  as we walked.

"Um... what about our project for math? That's due on Wednesday. So when do we work on it?"

"Oh, crap. I totally forgot about that. You could come over tomorrow," I whispered in his ear. I ran my fingers down his spine. What was I doing? Why was I flirting with him?

"Ok," he said whispering. His face was happy. I smiled. I gave him my number and address. Everyone else walked over.

"Who's this?" asked Heather.

"Adam. He works here."

"And you won that bear from him?"

I nodded. I touched the heart that the bear held. Jordan looked at the bear and put a hand over his mouth like a gay guy.

"Ooooo..." he said.


"Nice bear," he said touching the heart. I looked at Adam. He looked nervous. Mickey glared at Adam. Adam didn't notice. He stared at me. I wanted to believe I liked him.

The End

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