Chapter 3Mature

It was lunch time. I sat my usual table with my friends, except Amber wasn't my friend. Mickey on the bench with Amber, and Jordan, Heather, and me on the other side. Amber and Mickey talked and giggled.

"Loser," said Jordan smiling.

Amber glared at him.

"Hey, Jor-dan. Do not call my boyfriend a loser. Look who's talking, ass-hole. You don't even have a girlfriend."

I hated how she said "my".

"Ok, geesh. Man, you can be big bitch sometimes."

She rolled her eyes and continued talking to Mickey. Jordan middle-fingered her. Heather giggled.

"Hey, Jordan," I said, "did you do your math homework?"

"Wait, we had math homework... oh shit! Mrs. Addison gonna kill me. Wait did you do it?"

I nodded and gave him my notebook. He thanked me.

"Thanks, Mel. I owe you one." He hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek.

Mickey stared at him and then me. I stared at Mickey confused.

"Mickey," said Amber, "Mickey... Mickey! Mickey!"

Mickey still stared at me. His silvery gray eye bore deep into mine.

Amber slapped his shoulder.

"Huh!?" he said.

"I've been calling you for like... a billion minutes! Geesh...!"

Amber stood up from the table and threw her lunch out. She stomped away.

"Amber!... Ah, shit... I kinda messed up, huh?" he asked us.

Heather an Jordan nodded. Mickey looked at me. I shrugged and smiled. I threw my lunch  out and walked with Jordan and Mickey to math.

The End

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