Chapter 2Mature

It was Sunday night. I was on the phone with Mickey. My parents were coming home at 12:00 and my sis was downstairs making-out with her boyfriend. Mickey couldn’t make it tonight. He was on a date with Amber. I frowned to myself. But I said it was okay. Then I hung up.

I walked downstairs and the flashing lights of the T.V. and sound of people making-out came from the living room. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

“Hey, Sam, do we have any food?”

“Mmmm… mmm… there’s… mmm… wait… hold… on… mmm…” She came in the kitchen. Her blonde hair was a mess. I stared at her.

“What?” she asked.

“Food, I want food.”

“Um… there’s some bread in the pantry and ham and cheese right there. Make a sandwich.”


She walked back into the living room. And both of them started to kiss again. I made a sandwich and walked up the stairs into my room. My room was now was now clean, my bed made, my clothes in the closet. I put my sandwich on my desk and put my books in my backpack for tomorrow. I turned my T.V. on and ate my sandwich. And at 11:00 I went to sleep.


Good Morning, Melanie! I thought I heard my alarm clock  say that. Great... another day of High School.

My sister was already on the breakfast table, eating wheat toast with no butter. She was already skinny, but whatever. Me, I was skinny, but I didn't care about what I ate.

I took a plate from the wooden cabinet and took one warm pancake from the dish on the counter. My mom left a note.


I'm at work, obviously. Take as many pancakes you want. Your lunch is in the fridge. Sorry, we couldn't see you yesterday. Well, at least we saw John. :) Well, see you tonight. Dad's on a buisness trip. I love you.


I smiled as I read the note. My mom was one of those cool moms that painted, did your nails, went shopping with you, wore Abercrombie, and had very little limits. She knew that we made our own decisions, but if those decisions are drinking, having sex, or such, you would be screwed. Too bad Samantha was good at hiding things. My dad on the other hand, was one of those quiet dads who read books and drank tea in his quiet little oragnized office. I loved my parents. 

I ate a pancake drowned in syrup and drove to school. My sister usually went with John, her boyfriend. Mickey waited for me outside on the railing before school opened. We were usually early.

"Hey, Mickey! How was your date?" I asked nudging him in the rib.

"Okay," I guess, "Amber didn't seem like she enjoyed it. All she wanted to do was make-out in the car. But I didn't mind." He smiled. "Hey, Mel, you look... hot today."

I looked down at my outfit. I stared at him confused, but his compliment made my heart leap. He jumped off the railing.

"Not that you always don't... but I smell nice... like always... but today you seem a bit different."

He moved closer. It was as if no one was in the school yard... just me and him. And then someone called him.

"Hey, baby..." called Amber, waving. She was wearing a tight short skirt, with a tight tank top that showed way too much cleavage. Mickey stared at her. Amber obviously, looked better than me. She ran to him and kissed him intensley. I walked away just as the bell rang. I looked back at them. Still major making-out.

But then they walked up the steps into the building together. They were both laughing. Mickery looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Amber didn't even look at me. She was too busy looking at Mickey.

In the halls, the seniors looked at me.

"Hey, Melanie! Whooo... you look hott... Sssss..." yelled Jordan.

I walked over to him. I smiled. Then I stuck my middle finger in his face.

"Oooo... fiesty, huh?"

I lifted my eyebrows. Jordan got up and put his arm around me.

"So babe, why ya' so early?"

"I wanted to make-out with you in the bathroom."

I stepped on his foot with my heel and walked away laughing. He smiled and lifted waved bye and walked back to his normal spot by the lockers. Jordan was sweet. At 9:00, Mickey and Amber headed off to their class, which, of course, they had together. I found my other best friend, Heather, in the crowd of teenagers and we headed off to biology.

"Hey, hon," she said hugging me.

"Hey, Heather."

"So, ready for our freakin' biology test?"

"I guess."

Let me just clear one thing up... I hate biology. I hate being in eleventh grade. I hate that I'm turning 17 on Friday. And I most definitely, hate Amber.


The End

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