follow her to the woods. That's your camera, dammit.

You, for some reason, decide that she's going to the woods (boy, you realy are deterimined to go to the woods, aren't you?), but first, you pet Fred the cockatoo.  He's white and has a grey beak, with yellow feathers on the upper and lower surfaces of the inner half of the trailing edge of the large wing.  Dominque then arrives with the camera, but you hide before she gets here.  She then proceeds to take a picture, no one noticing her because everyone was rushing around for the next show.  She then steps back to a closet and closes the door.

You then decide to open the closet and demand your camera back, but suddenly you hear a big main back door come crashing down.  "FBI!  Everyone stay right where they are!"

You immediately stay where you are ad are questioned by the agents about wat you were doing here.  It turns out that the theatre was almost a front for a group smugling threatened Umbrella Cocktoos into the United States from Indonesia.  Dominque is an undercover FBI agent who was gathering evidence for the government (Normally, the FBI wouldn't release her idenity right away, but reporters showed up only a few minutes afterwards and one of them asked about her and provided his own findings that se was an FBI agent).  After an hour or so, they let you go- but without your camera (they said they needed it for evidence).

You think, "Now what will I do next?"

The End

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