tornado-kick Dominque in the knees. You would aim for the face, but you haven't stretched.

You begin to kick Dominque in the knees after running after her into a closet, but she immediately blocks you with lightening-fast reflexes and takes you down.

"You begin to say, "Hey, I was only trying to get my camera back, but...", but suddenly you hear a big main back door come crashing down.  "FBI!  Everyone stay right where they are!"

You immediately stay where you are ad are questioned by the agents about wat you were doing here.  It turns out that the theatre was almost a front for a group smugling threatened Umbrella Cocktoos into the United States from Indonesia.  Dominque is an undercover FBI agent who was gathering evidence for the government.  After an hour or so, they let you go and say that they won't charge you for assaulting an FBI agent, because she took your property without explaination in a hurry- but without your camera.

You think, "Now what will I do next?"

The End

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