Use your steering wheel lock to prod Ernest to wake up

gently at first you poke at his ribs, or the general area, as he's so fat you cant tell if its his man breast or arm flap.  Popping the lock back out from under his flap you muse over the situation at hand.  Lighting a smoke and unrolling your window to let the smell of booze stink out you glance down and notice that Ernest has peed his pants and is emmitting a smell which may or may not signal danger in the way of "OH CRAP"!!!  Quickly you scramble your way out the door and frantically dig around your oversize tote bag searching for your new handy mini hand held cell phone to call for help.  As your hand grazes the tip of the device, you stumble backwards breaking the heel on your new red pump, you throw your arm to the side to catch yourself on the open door just as....

The End

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