Try to work something out with Hal.

Ask you try to explain o hal about your problems and how hey prevented you from getting him the maps (not very successfully), Hal's boss comes in.

"What are you doing, Hal?"

"Oh, I' just trying to fire this stupid employee who can't even do the simple task of getting a map.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just shut him..."

"Oh, just shut yourself up, Hal.  You should stop firing so many people- we've gone over employees here faster than ever in the twenty years this company's been here.  Now, let this person go to work."

Hal immediately retreats while saying "Sorry".

"Thank you, sir."

"That's okay- he deserved it, anyway.  Hal really needs to learn to treat his employees better.  Now, can you go work on that project, now?"

David smiles at you, pats you in the back, and walks to his office before you can say anything else.

The End

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