drop a Xanax or two and decide to call it a day. You're far to fragile to work after something like this.

You call to Hal, your boss, and report that you're sick.  After you take some Xanax, you sit down on the couch and trn on your TV.

"This is BBC World, Putting News First.  I'm Susan Merritt, and these are today's headlines:


President Bill Gates: "If we don't take small steps to ensure peace in such a small place like Fiji, how can we even begin to work for peace in much bigger nations?"

U.S President Bill Gates will meet today with Australian Prime Minister Peter Garrett aand other Pacific island leaders in the Pacific Union annual conference to discus the civil war in Fiji. 

UN soldiers take out a jungle hideout of soldiers on "the other side".

United Nations peacekeeping forces in Burma have defeated the last "major" group of former dictator Senior General Than Shwe, who is still at large. 

A Muslim Palestinian woman  wih a hijab covering her hair puts a ballot in a ballot box while smiling as lots of other Israelis and Palestinians wait in line behind her.

And Israelis and Palestinians have voted by a 2 to 1 ratio to continue on the Federal Republic road map to a united, peaceful Israel and Palestine.

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Good morning.  I'm Susan Merritt with today's news.  Our op story this hour is the upcoming Pacific Union meeting in Manila where...

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