hop in your truck and drive to the CoffeeHut so you can grab your morning brew and pick up that package from Dave.

You are glad Dave suggested meeting at the CoffeeHut.  The All Bran, with its cardboard-like flavour, was just about as satisfying as chewing on old rope and you're hankering for Breakfast:  Part Deux.  You were supposed to meet Dave at exactly 6:45am.  However, due to Eli's frenetic feline phone call, you're late.  Dave is a very punctilious sort, and when you arrive at the CoffeeHut 15 minutes late, Dave, the package, and the last Choc-Full-O-Chocolate Croissant are long gone.  The only muffins left are Rise-N-Shine-Superbran.  You hesitate.  Then you figure, "Hey, I'm going in the woods today," where Mother Nature is, amongst other things, your toilet, so you gobble down a muffin and order a cup of Femme Fatale Dark Roast (organic fair trade coffee grown, roasted, and brewed by women).

Great.  So far, the only thing going smoothly this morning is you.  Maybe Dave would have stuck around a little longer if you hadn't recently dumped him as your badminton partner in lieu of two-time district champion, Hiroki Tatiyama, then gone on to solidly beat him and his new partner, Levi Schwartzstein, at last weekend's Shuttlecock Bonspiel (which, at long last, brought together the marriage of badminton and curling).

Well, what's done is done and you simply have to get on with your day.  Without the package, you don't have any maps.  Maybe you'll have to go to the office afterall.


The End

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