Decide that it might be worth the trip to find out what the hell kind of job tolerates a drunk 43 year-old in sequins.

You drive him to work at...a dinner theatre!?

"Yes, I work here" Ernest says before going into the changing room in the back.  You wait for a few minutes, curious about what he might come out dressed as, and are awarded for your pateince.

He's dressed like Elvis, even through he doesn't look remotely like the King.  Okay, aybe if the King were a washed-up, 40-year old fat former singer.

But, as you find out when you stay for the lunch performance for free at the invitation of the director, he's really good at singing (it's definately not lip-syncing).  The food was good, too.  Chicken breast grilled just right, rice pliaf, vegetable medley, and garlic mashed drool slightly afterwards, thinking of the meal.

Afterwards, the manager offers to let you stay backstage and watch what goes on behind the scenes for the dinner show.

The End

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