Your drunk neighbour, Ernest, who is just arriving home from a midweek bourbon chug down at the trailer park.

Ernest is passed out under your K-car. 

He appears to be wearing an exact replica of the sequined suit worn by Neil Diamond when he first performed "Sweet Caroline" live in 1969.  Typical.  It must have been a pretty wild night.

You gently tap his protruding belly with your toe.  He stirs.

"Muuuuhhg.  Nyyyyuk," he burps out.

"Uhhhhh I didn't quite catch that Ernest, but would you mind getting out from under my car, I really need to get going." 

He remains generally unresponsive until, after much more ineffective prodding, you jump into your car and rev up to 5000 rpms.  Quick as a flash, he has transplanted his slumped form into the seat next to you.

"Man.  It's a good thing you woke me.  Can I get a lift to work?"

You obviously have a decision to make.  As you start to roll out of the drive-way you...      

The End

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