The next day, Katelyn arrived at school on her motorbike, with Riley's arms wrapped around her waist, holding on for dear life for the fear of potentially flying off the un-safe vehicle. As they pulled their helmets off, ignoring the curious stares and the supposedly knowing smirks from majority of the school population, they proceeded to enter the school. Once Katelyn and Riley arrived at the main office, Katelyn wondered to herself where that sign, she was secretely hoping for was; until she was interrupted by Riley's voice invading her mind, "Thank you, Katelyn." She found Katelyn smiling at her, as she leaned in for a hug. "Yeah, no problem, Riley." She replied, as she watched Riley walk into the office. But before she knew it, Katelyn had lightly grabbed Riley, stopping her in her tracks, "Riley?" the blonde looked at her curiously, as she took a few steps in her direction and whispered, "Uhm, I'll be in the cafeteria if you want to ...hang out, or whatever." Riley gave her smile and replied, "I'll meet you there in probably an hour or so." Before she walked through the doors of the main office. Katelyn couldn't get the smile off her face as she made her way into the attendance office, she needed another sweater vest to cover up the non-uniform shirt, that Riley had lent to her.

Katelyn made her way into her English class, and took her seat next to Elise - just like she always did. But this time she had a smile on her face, as she opened her notebook and began writing. Danah and Thomas whispered to each other back and forth when they noticed Elise staring at her, as if she were trying to read Katelyn's mind.

"She's going to try something, Tommy. I know it." Danah whispered harshly,

"Maybe she's changed? Maybe she's committed to whatsherface." Thomas whispered back, but equally worried that that insane person his cousin had for a girlfriend, would try something to win Kate's heart back then break again. Just for fun.

Suddenly, Danah's suspicions were confirmed when Katelyn felt a hand on her thigh. In all honesty, she had completely forgotten about Elise and what she did to her, and all because of a girl named Riley Cameron. She leaned over towards Elise and asked, "Miss me yet?"


"Really?" Katelyn rolled her eyes, turned Elise's head towards her, their lips literally millimeters away from each other.

"Too bad." Katelyn replied calmly, as she stood up from her seat and walked over to Thomas' desk. Just by the way they looke at each other, they had a mutual agreement. Thomas gathered his things and stood up, and took a seat next to Elise; while Katelyn took her seat next to Danah.

Riley Cameron knocked three times on Eric Antonio's office door, before she heard somebody shuffling across the room and opened the door, "You must be Riley Cameron, from Jamestone University for the Performing Arts?" a middle aged man with a comeover wearing a suit and blue and green striped tie replied. Riley nodded as the principal of Mother Theresa Catholic Academy moved aside to let Riley into his office. "Have a seat, Ms. Cameron. What can I do for you?" he asked, as Riley took a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. "Well, as you know Dean Montgomery has sent me here to talk to one of your students. Before t he semester started our Junior Dramatic Arts class were sent to travel North America to recruit students for our school - searching for a playwright to write a play for the final production. She had agreed to recruit, one of your students by the name of Katelyn Saunders, to come back with me to Arizona." Riley explained, as she handed Eric the file. "Katelyn Saunders? Are you sure? She's an art student, but she only participates in Photography and Visual Arts - as in painting and drawing. I've never seen her in a dramatic production." Eric replied, as he thought about all of the comments that her teachers had made about her sudden...Change. "According to two of your students, Jane Winters and Danah Martinez, she was the one who wrote the production, "Lost In You". Which won the school first place in the recent Drama Festival that took place here." Riley explained, as Eric's facial expression contorted into a slight surprised, yet knowing look. Eric and Riley kept eye contact until Eric leaned over onto his desk and pressed the intercom button on his phone, "Kirsten? Could you page, Patricia Trent's class and ask her to send Katelyn Saunders down to my office?" Eric asked, politely as Riley smiled.

Katelyn sat at her cousins' desk next to her best friend, and even though she probably pissed Elise off, she couldn't help but stare heart-broken at the back of her ec-girlfriends' head. 'Fuck, Katelyn. Stop it! She hurt you! Why are you still in love with her!? She doesn't care about you! should just ...give up. You'll never have her back. She's happy with Sara. As long as she's happy. That's all that matters.' She scolded herself, as she tore her gaze away from the girl that was sitting exactly diagonally from her, and wiped the unshed tears in her eyes away. Damn tear ducts. She hadn't noticed Danah staring at her, as if burning holes into the side of her head. 

"What's been going on with you, Kate?" she heard Danah asked worriedly. Katelyn knew she couldn't lie to Danah, mostly because they knew each other so well. "Nothing. Please. I don't want to talk about it." Katelyn replied, looking down at her desk and taking a deep breath, trying to keep her voice steady. 'Damnit! Seriously, Katelyn? Again with the fucking tears?! Geez,'  she screamed at herself inwardly. "Kate, c'mon. It's me. Jamie's saying how you haven't been home during the weekends. As for us? Jane and I NEVER see you anymore. You're like a friggin' ghost in this school. We never see you outside of our classes, and afterwards, it's like you just disappear. We're all worried about you. And last night, Carleigh and Charlie were trying NOT to freak out for your grandmother's sake! I know she's old Kate, but she knows that something's going on with you." Danah asked, as she stared at the  overhead in front of the class. Katelyn knew she couldn't blame Danah for feeling like she did, she knew that she'd been acting really off. But she didn't know how to bring herlsef back to the way she was. Elise had broken every thought of falling in love and being the confident, yet humble person that she was. But, just as Katelyn was going to answer Danah's question, Ms. Trent had called out her name.

"Katelyn, Mr. Antonio would like to see you in his office. So you're excused from this class for today."

She had never been sent to the Prinicpal's offive before - in her ENTIRE life. But, now her brain skipped backwards, trying to figure out what she had done so wrong that had landed her in the Principal's office. Katelyn walked up to Kirsten's desk with a worried expression on her face, before Kirsten looked up at her. "Hey Kate, you can go right in. They're waiting for you." she replied with a smile. 'Wait. She was smiling! ..She wouldn't be smiling if she were in trouble. Would she? When was Kirsten NEVER smiling?! Oh crap. i'm in so much trouble.' Katelyn panicked as she knocked on Mr. Antonio's  door, only to find Riley staring at her.

The End

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