Two Hours, and in the Middle of Where?!Mature

After storming out of the stage entrance, Katelyn jumped onto her motorbike and sped down the somewhat empty roads, without any concern of where she was headed. She just needed to just... Well, at the moment she didn't know where she was going, but then again it wasn't like she cared. All she knew was giving away the remainder of whatever she had with Elise, was more painful that she had thought. Granted, it hurt like Hell, but it wasn't enough to make her cry over. She convinced herself that the tears that were falling from her eyes were due to her super sensitive tear ducts.

Carleigh and Charlize Cassiuns, had both recieved phone calls from Thomas - who witnessed their cousin storming out of their school and speeding at a somwhat dangerous speed toward the direction of both of their houses - considering they lived 8 minutes from each other. They texted anc called Katelyn's cell phone, but was unsuccessful in getting a response back. They knew about the situation between their cousin and Elise; and even when she had called them that night, and she didn't say anything , they just simply consoled her as she cried.

She hadn't realized how late it was until the sight of the sunset had caught her attention. Katelyn glanced at the analog clock that was beside the speedometer, which read: 7:00 PM. 'Shit' she thought to herself, before realizing that she had ended up in a town called, St. Catherine's. She knew Carleigh and Charlize would kill her for disappearing without so much as a phone call, but she just couldn't go back..yet. Katelyn had never noticed how hungry she really was until she heard her stomach grumbing. It was then she was approaching a diner called:  Miley's.

When she first entered the diner, she noticed the girls were giving her seductive glances, while the boys that were with them glared at her. She took a seat in a booth by the window before a waitress walked up to her to take her order, except before she asked what she wanted to eat she pointed at her head,

"Excu -- Oh."Katelyn began, when she realized that she hadn't taken off her helmet. She laughed off the emabarrassing moment, and proceeded to order a burger - no onions or tomato, chili fries, and a cherry coke. As the waitress left her table to fill her order, Katelyn took her phone out of her jacket pocket and began to look through her phone.

3 missed calls from Jamie
10 missed calls from Carleigh and Charlize
16 text messages from Jamie, Carleigh, Charlize, Danah, Thomas, and Jane
text message from Elise

The only one that she felt she shouldn't open was the one from Elise, since she had the uncanny tendancy to enjoy playing games with Katelyn's head and heart. Also, because Elise, never cared. But, because of her inability to stop caring about her, she opened it anyway,

I'm sorry. Where are you? I need you.
- Ellie

Suddenly, Katelyn felt sick to her stomach, as shut her phone closed and slid it to the other side of the table. She was miserable all over again.

"Fuck!" she yelled frustratedly, a little too loud so that every head in the diner was looking at her.

"Sorry," she said calmly, as everybody went back to whatever it was she was doing. 

"Hey are you alright?" a female voice asked, sounding sincerely concerned. Katelyn looked up and discovered a girl with straight blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and the most kissable looking lips she had ever laid her eyes on.

"Uh, yeah. Sorry about that. I'm just..Messed up." Katelyn replied, trying not to sound so goddamn conflicted. The girl  sat on the seat that was across from her, before giving her one of her killer smiles and said,

"Well, aren't we all?"

Katelyn shook her head, before placing it in her hands.

"Yeah I guess so? But you seem...Not so messed up."

The girl laughed a nervous laugh and blushed, as she turned her head toward the window.

"You've got to work on your sense of judgement. I'm not all that good. Trust me, I'm probably the one person in the world who's the furthest from even remotely good, I'm probably non-existant on the scale."The seemingly perfect girl, replied with a sigh. Katelyn couldn't help but be intrigued and understand where the girl was coming from.

"So who broke you?" Katelyn blurted out, without a second thought, then corrected herself,

"Uhm, I .. Wow, sorry I didn't mean --"

"Everybody. But that's what makes Riley Cameron, Riley Cameron. Which is, my name by the way. " the girl said with a smile as she looked back at Katelyn. "I'm Katelyn..Lanrey. Nice to meet you, Riley Cameron." Katelyn lied, but technically it wasn't really a lie since "Laurey" is her middle name; as she secretly melted on the inside. "It's my pleasure, Katelyn Laurey." Riley replied, as she reached over and took Katelyn's hand in her own.

"If you don't mind, would it be alright if I asked you what that outburst was about?" Riley asked curiously, as Katelyn gave out a heavey sigh before she decided to tell the story about the girl that stole her heart - then broke it, leaving the person that was in front of her emotionally crippled.

"Wow, she sounds like a piece of work. But you know what? I believe that everybody goes through these things to grow stronger. And, eventually on this journey to trying to be happy again, they'll walk into a random diner or something and find the one person they've been looking for. Even if they don't know it yet."  Riley replied, gazing into Katelyn's seemingly hopeless eyes, and noticing a tiny glimmer of hope and happiness.

"So, anyway, what about you? Are you from around here?" Katelyn asked, secretly hoping she would say 'Yes' - so they could have dinner like this every so often. She felt like she needed to know more about this, Riley Cameron, person.

"Well, actually, I'm supposed to be  heading to Mother Theresa Catholic Academy, in Markham, tomorrow. I'm actually a Junior at Jamestone University for the Performing Arts and the Dean of the University sent me here to recruit a student." Riley explained, and noticed that Katelyn's face suddenly formed into a nervous/confused/somwhat happy expression. "Is everything alright?""

"Okay, don't think I'm a total weirdo or anything, but I go to M.T.C.A. I'm a Senior there. Uhm, would you happen to need a ride tomorrow? I doubt I'm going hope tonight. I'm sorta thinkin' of spending the night over at that motel down the road." Katelyn answered nervously, as the waitress approached them and told them the diner was closing. Katelyn totally forgot about her food that was sitting in front of her, so she had it packed into a doggy bag. She and Riley walked with her bike to the motel, where they spent the night in different rooms. Once Katelyn arrived in her room, and got ready for bed.

As both Katelyn lay in the dark, staring up at the ceiling and couldn't help but thinking how coincidental it was that, she was at her most vulnerable point in a completely different town that was 2 hours away from home, and a complete stranger ends up talking to her. Adding to that, is how that same girl is supposed to be at HER school the next day. 'Alright. ONE more sign. If nothing happens, then fine. But if it gotta try.'  she said to herself, suddenly a feeling that the Universe would pull some proverbial strings that would result in one undescribable word: FATE. But there wasn't such a thing. Right?

The End

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