Must Get Out.Mature

It was 4th period and thankfully for Katelyn, she had a  spare period. On this particular day, besides avoiding all of the accusations of posting a particular pieceof art for the entire student body to see, she didn't feel the need to hide anymore. Katelyn placed her book bag on one of the hook in her locker before taking her sketchbook out. Before making her way toward the cafeteria/auditorium, she sat on the floor in front of her locker and stared at the book in her hands and considered all of the proper possibilities to rid herself of the book of painful memories. For some reason, what she was about to do with it, felt... Perfect.

The first steps into the room filled with chairs and tables, were excruciating. it was as if her body was involuntarily getting itself ready to break out in a run - toward the opposite direction of where she knew she had to be. After taking a few deep breath, she found herself at the opposite side of the room from who she needed to face, alone. Except, what she didn't know was how she had already caught the attention of the person she need to talk to, just by simply being in the same room. Katelyn proceeded towards the front of the room, up the small staircase toward the stage and behind the curtain. The other person excused herself from her friends before heading the same way, following not so closely behind.

The two found themselves face to face with one another, in the dark; the only source of light leaking through the cracks of the stage curtains.

"Hi," the girl greeted nervously, with no idea what she should or if she should say anything at all. No matter what anybody else thought, she never meant to hurt Katelyn.

"Hey," Katelyn replied, as her heart pounded heavily against her chest. It felt like it was going to shatter again at any given moment.

"Look, Kate. I just wanted to say, I'm so sorry, I never meant --" the girl started, before Katelyn interrupted her.

"Ellie, I mean, Elise. Don't. Honestly. It's fine. Just..Leave it alone. I just wanted to give this to you." Katelyn replied, as she held the book - her memories - to the one person she felt it needed to go to. Instead of an open fire or a shredder.

"Kate, you can still call me 'Ellie' - You're still the only person that's allowed to. And, well, I am sorry. Really sorry." Elise replied, as she reached over for whatever it was Katelyn was holding out to her. When she accidentally brushed her hand against Katelyn's, they were both surprised to feel a familiar shiver travel down both of their spines. That connection was as strong as ever, even in the current situation they were suddenly thrown into. But, while this happened, Elise couldn't help but recognize the texture and feel of the familiar book that was currently still in both of their hands.

"Kate, why are you giving me the sketchbook? I gave it to you to express your --"

"My what, feelings? I don't habe those anymore. You took my life, my heart, and my passion, and now you have my soul. Do what you want with it. I just don't care anymore. Not that I ever had a choice. So yeah, I'm just going to go. Later, Montgomery."Katelyn explained, surprisingly calm. but if frightened Elise how mind - numbingly cold her ex-girfriend sounded. Perhaps, 'cynical' was what Katelyn had become.


December 14th, 2008

She wasn't used to somebody caring about her so much - who wasn't her family or her psychiatrist - without wanting something else in return. The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy as Katelyn, the simple art girl, held her own gloveless hand in her own, as they aimlessly wandered the dark, street lamp - lit city streets, getting lost in conversation. They were still unofficial - for 3 months - but shy and hopeless romantic, Katelyn had told her from the beginning how she felt.

The street were empty when they decided to sit on a bench. Katelyn smiled, as she unzipped her book back before nicely commanding,

"Close your eyes, Ellie."

Elise gave her a suspicious look, before giving in and slowly shutting her eyes. She felt Katelyn place something thin and flimsyin her hands.

"Okay open." Katelyn said,

Elise opened her eyes only yo find a thing sketchbook in her hands. On the front were their names intertwined in vines. She flipped through the pages and found the amazing sketches of everything from landscapes, to blurry images of crowds with the two of them standing out, and lyrics drawn into the skies. She knew her girlfriend had the passion to sketch, and love that about her. She closed the book, and placed a gentle kiss on Katelyn's lips. They stayed that way for a few minutes before breathing through their noses wasn't enough anymore. It was when they stared into each other's eyes, foreheads and the tips of their noses still touching, Elise took a black, leather journal-like sketchbook out of her own bookbag and handed it to Katelyn.

"for everything you feel, whether it be saddness, anger, happiness, frustration and love. " Elise whispered, as she intertwined her fingers with Katelyn's.

"I love you, Ellie. I know it's too soon, but I told you when I felt it and I'm just making sure you know that there is somebody that loves you. "


Elise's first instinct was to go after Katelyn, but decided against it because she knew she was more in love with Sara that she thought ever possible. Which was why she was never able to say the "L" word back.

The End

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