Over Me.Mature

Sleep. School. Home. Homework. Sleep. School. Home. Homework. Sleep. That was Katelyn's new daily routine for the past 2 weeks, since she had caught the love of her life, making out with the red head from her Photography class. Often times she couldn't bring herself to eat anything. Well, maybe dinner to keep up appearances, mostly because although her parents wasn't the greatest, they still made an effort to care. Weekends were different though, it was during that time that she schedule tranformed into: Finish homework on friday nights; Clubbing, drinking, and getting so high that for a little while her heartache would be just a minor blip on her life. Then there was the sex with random straight girls, who were just so innocent, it turned her on. 'Friends with Benefits' she'd call them, because even though she used them for sex, she still made friends with them. Sunday afternoons was when she would come back home, and prepare herself to adjust to her weekday schedule. Sleep. School. Home. Homework. and Sleep.

When she was in school, she might as well be a ghost, outside of the classroom, since that was the only place anybody ever saw her. In her classes, her grades sky rocketed from B+'s to A's - but it weren't for the sudden personality change, her teacher's wouldn't be so worried. During lunch, it was seldom that she'd have lunch with Danah and Jane. Instead, she'd be outside laying under the bleachers, watching the clouds and sun pass her by. That was her schedule for nearly three months, until one day she came to school, unrecognizable.

Katelyn arrived in school that day with her newly blue high-lighted hair within her newly dyed jet black hair, and two piercings: one on her left eyebrow and on the right side of her bottom lip. First class of the day was History, which went fairly well, if you ignore the staring students and the somewhat adoring, yet worried glances from her teacher. But, Katelyn stayed quiet. Then it was Photography, with Jane and Sara.  As soon as she had the used camera in her hands, it was her turn to venture out into the wilderness of students that took any sense of difference and used it against whoever it was that was considered as different. Her iPod blasted with the song: 'This Love' by BigBang ( she was pretty sure they were a Korean band), it was kind of a hiphop version of "This Love" by Maroon 5. Before she knew it, she was standing on the platform on the main staircase connecting the first and second floors, and in front of her, on the left side of the second floor bridge that was overlooking the foyer of the main floor, were Elise and Sara. They weren't making out, but they had each other in the most loving embrace that Elise used to hold her in. Sara's arms around Elise's neck, while Elise's arms were around Sara's waist. They leaned into each other by their foreheads, and looked at each other with as much love as Elise could provide. Considering she was a backstabbing bitch. Katelyn aimed her lens and put it into focus, before she clicked. Once. Twice. And a third. Either she had become so cyincal she just couldn't feel anything anymore, or she was truly over Elise. She noticed that a group of teenagers had formed on the first floor, staring at the couple on the bridge - none of which, noticing the girl with the camera.

The next day, everybody saw 3 sets of bordered photographs, the first 3 of the couple on the bridge - named, Over Me. The next three of the group of the angry, confused, and surprised faces of the other students; named, 'Harder to Breathe'- and the candid photographs of her two best friends, named, Real Love.

The End

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