If You Don't Know, then You Can't CareMature

The whole point of Katelyn Saunders moving away from home, was to get away from the one person that broke her. But, is she willing to find what she thought she lost? The ability to fall in love again.

Katelyn Sunders tossed and turned in her bed, her mind filled with memories of the girl that broke her. She was seriously pissed that she had allowed herself to fall in love with the kind of person she used to be. All Katelyn wanted to do was help the girl named, Elise Montgomery, find her way out of the deep, dark hole that was her depression. Instead, she fell in love with the one girl outside of her family that could pull her down. She just couldn't understand how she could recall every conversation she had had with all of her friends, including her two best friends: Danah and Jane; and why she didn't heed the warnings that "it" wasn't a good idea - "IT" being the relationship. Although she recalled them, but never once did she truly listen. Now, here she was...completely and utterly...Heartbroken.

Her parents had no idea that their eldest daughter was gay, and honestly? Katelyn would've much preffered it to stay that way. But what would they say if they found out? Considering her younger sister is and out and open bi-sexual. Jamie wasn't cowardly. Unlike her older sister. She and three of her other cousins: Carleigh, Charlize or "Charlie", and Thomas; were the only ones in their entire family were the only ones that knew of Katelyn's sexuality, and sometimes it was enough. But, other times, she wished she trusted her family enough to NOT ditch her - if one day she grew tired of hiding. Katelyn couldn't help but wonder that IF they knew, they wouldn't be so goddamn oblivious that she was suffering.

Katelyn reached over to her night stand and grabbed her iPod, she chose the song: "Nothing Lasts Forever"by Maroon 5, and closed her eyes as she reflected upon the end.


One Week Earlier---- November 14th, 2008

Katelyn felt the cold autumn air brush against her face and bare hands, as she sat on the ledge of her high school's roof - sketching the landscape that surrounded her. Sketching was her way of relaxing and the best part of having a photographic memory that Elise Montgomery loved about her. Elise. Katelyn's incredibly talented, gorgeous, and unfortunately tormented girlfriend - whom, Katelyn would've done absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for.

Suddenly she was ripped out of her sketching and adoring world of everything lead and Elise, when she felt the vibrations of her cell phone from her sweater pocket - indicating a text message. Most likely from either of her best friends. Danah Martinez, future playwright and fellow hopeless romantic; or Jane Winters, girlfriend to Thomas Saunders - Katelyn's cousin, and photography extrodinaire.

"Kate, where you at?" it read, the message indeed sent from Jane.

Katelyn shook her head frustratedly, and texted back:

"Up and Around. Sketching. Later."

Danah and Jane knew she hated being interuppted while she sketched, so she was surprised when the song, 'Halo' by Beyonce started to play as the ring tone, which meant that Danah was calling her.

"Hello?" she answered,

"Hey, Kate. Whatchu up to?" Danah asked in that somewhat gangster voice that she only used when there was something going on.

"Sketching, D. What's going on?"  Katelyn asked, curiously. Placing her sketch pad and pencil down, as she straddled the ledge.

"Nothing. But I do - We need you to one thing." Danah stated,

"Depends?" Katelyn replied, raising an eyebrow.

"Get off the roof and meet us at Marley's." Danah answered, sounding hopeful.

"Technically, that's two things. But fine, I'm on my way. Anything else?"Katelyn asked, as she began to pack her sketch pad and pencil into her shoulder bag.

"Just...Hurry." Danah answered, and they ended the call.

Fifteen minutes later, Katelyn arrived at the diner called, Marley's, on her motorbike. When she entered the restaurant, she made her way to the table that she and her best friends usually sat at - and plopped down across from Danah and Jane. She grabbed a menu from behind the condiments before asking,

"Alright. So what's up? What's the big emergeency?" as she scanned over the food choices. She sensed that there was something that they were keeping from her. Something important - otherwise, they wouldn't have been so insistant on meeting her.

"Kate. You know we love you, right?" Jane asked, gently grabbing hold of her hands, as Katelyn raised and eyebrow obviously suspicious.

"Is somebody dying?" Katelyn asked, somewhat serious and kidding. She didn't know which one to choose.

Jane and Danah gave each other worried looks, before facing their best friend. Danah sighed before she leaned over and whispered,

"You see the couple on my far right? The boy with the blue mohawk and the girl with the pink highlights?"

Katelyn nodded,

"Skip two tables behind them."

Suddenly, Katelyn's world screeched to a halt, because there two tables behind the boy with the blue hair,  was Elise and Sara - a girl from her's and Jane's photography class. they were holding hands on the table, visible for everybody to see.

Both Danah and Jane witnessed how Katelyn's eyes fell when she spotted them. They also witnessed how their friend brushed it off, until Elise made the first move to lean in to leave a lingering kiss on Sara's lips.


Katelyn felt her heart shatter again, as the unshed tears from that night leaked onto her pillow.


The End

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