If You Could

If you could do anything over again would you take the chance? Abigail, please take my regret over that summer night. It is all my fault. Gabi and Leon don't know you ever existed, you were so young, a baby, and I was a jealous six-year-old. My life was ruined. I couldn't go out, my friends couldn't come over. My toys were now yours. I despised you with all my being. Not alot now, considering I was only 3-foot-3. Darkness nestled into me when I first laid eyes on you. You were prettier than I was. I was nothing. All attetion on you.

A+ report card. Eyes on you. Learned to ride a big girl bike. Eyes on you. I missed my parents. So I decide to get rid of you once and for all.

They're coming now.

"Darling, please your mother is under a lot of stress and with Abigail gone, she has no one to turn to..." I stopped my father right there and had a breakdown. "What about me?" I yelled pretty loud, and after that my mom was in the room. "Get dressed!" She yelled, "I need someone to love as much as Abigail. Nathan? I want another baby." I can't belive this. Does she know I'm right here? Right then, Gabi and Leon walked in. "Hi Mrs.Riley. Hey Kristen." "I'm right here Mom, don't you see that? I'm important too Mom, I'm important too." Crying now, I left the room. "I think we should go get her." Leon said casually and motioned for Gabi to join him.
I kept running until I got to the old toy store. Even though it was shut down over 50 years ago, it comforts me. I sat on the steps and bawled my eyes out. It's uncommon in any other town to see a 6 year old girl in the postion I'm in, but this is New York, nothings uncommon
I guess it was pretty ovbious where I'd be, because Gabi and Leon found me. "Krissy what happend back their?" Gabi looked down as I lifted my head. "Kris. We can help, me and Gabi, we can help." Leon only thought this. "No you can't. No one can." I whispeared. "Did you steal another cookie?" Gabi said jokingly. "Shut up! Gabi, really this isn't funny." I began crying all over again. Now Leon steps in,"Geez Kris. It's not like you killed anybody or anything." I glared at him. "Oh. Oh. Oh God. Oh my God." Leon shrank away. " What?" Gabi was very confused, "Who, or what, did you kill?" So much for them not knowing.

The End

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