I feel . . .

This chapter is one of the storys  that made the first chapter.

I am alone in this world. I feel that I don't belong, like I am a stranger. I feel I am losing everybody. My family, my friends. I feel no one wants mearound and everyone hates me. Even though I don't show it on the outside ( beware the next bit is OTT) I feel like I am crying, crying for help, on the inside. Nobody waits for me to follow, they just leave me.

No one sits   next to me. My brothers and my sister hate me. When I call them names its because I'm hurting and need to express it in some shape or form.

I love my family and will never forget them. All of the things they have don for me,  but I feel that they have grown tired of me, bored even. I just want to leave this lonliness, sadness and hurt, and never come back. But I cant it will hurt them.

I live in my fanatasy land because I don't want to be in reality, face the hurt that people inflict by their words, their actions. Even if they don't mean to.

If you have read this, please do not think  I am saying goodbye. I will not leave you behind. I will love you forever.


           Jodie xx

The End

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