If you are reading this . . .

this is not based on me! this is just something i thought of one day.

No one is there for me. No one waits. They just leave. I feel like I am losing everybody. My family, my friends. I feel like I am in a maze, and I see a door, I sprint headlong towards it, and bang violently on the door, the door opens, no one is there.

I live in my fantasy land because, I dont want to face reality. The hurt, the pain that people inflict by their words, their actions. Even if they dont mean to. I just want to go away, go away and never come back. But I cant. It will hurt them. My family, my brothers hate me, even the person I am most close to in the whole world. Hates me.

If you are reading this please, do not think that I am saying goodbye. I will not leave you behind. I will love you forever.


          Jodie xx

The End

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