If Walls Could Tell Secrets...

Heather has never had much luck in love. Then one day she meets Robbie, who is perfect for her...they share the same likes and dislikes, have all the same things in common...and they think the biggest thing they have in common is that they are both adopted...But, as time goes by and their relashionship progress's, they start to relise that there might be more to their relashionship than they think....

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                                  The Birds Song

I watched my best-friend since we were 6 years old; walk into her living-room. Her dark brown hair hiding most of her tanned face. You could just see her chocolate brown eyes, peeping out from underneath her wavy locks, full of concern. Concern for me.

“How are you, Hon?” Jenny asked, handing me a cup of steaming, red tea.

“Fine,” I lied, in what I thought was a smooth voice.

She raised one slim, brown eyebrow, “How are you really?”  


We sat in silence, looking out of the open window into Jenny’s colourful, nature-filled back- garden.

 It was a lovely summer afternoon, not a cloud in the sea-blue sky, allowing the sun to send its rays of warmth to earth. A warm breeze blew through the window, followed by a magical bird’s song. I narrowed my eyes, trying to find the source of the beautiful song that made me feel so peaceful and calm. I couldn’t find it. The bird must be hiding from me, I decided.


Jenny was the first to break the silence, “Have you heard from him?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, taking my mobile out of my pocket, “A text.”

“Well...?” She looked at me expectantly.

I read the text out load, “Come back home, Babe. This is just stupid. I love you.”

Jenny’s face turned a beetroot colour. A bad sign. That only ever happens when she is really angry or annoyed, “This is just stupid?” she scoffed, glaring at my old Nokia, as if it was the mobiles fault that my ex had sent a thoughtless, insensitive text.

I sighed and shook my head sadly, “I know.”

Just then, Jenny’s house phone rang. She reached over the arm of the sofa and answered:

“What?” She said irritably, “Oh, It’s you. No, No, I’m just not the best of moods. Sorry”

There was a pause; her eyes grew wide, “Bugger it! I forgot. Sorry but this isn’t the best time,” She glanced at me, “Could we rearrange?”

“What is it?” I mouthed.

She covered the phone with her hand, “Kim and her friend where supposed to come round here today. It’s okay though, they don’t mind rearranging.”

I knew why she was rearranging it. She thought I would start crying any minute about Gerry.

“No, don’t arrange it. Let them come round, I haven’t seen Kim for ages. If you don’t mind...?” I said quietly. It would be nice to see Kim again.

“Oh...Ok...if you’re sure.”

She started talking to Kim again.

Kim was Jenny'scousin. She looked a lot like Jenny...both of them tall, tanned and slim. Their personalities were a lot the same, too. They spent a lot of time together, and balanced each other out perfectly; Ellie had a short temper, and Kim was a smooth-over. Ellie was mature enough to know when to stop, Kim was...well...immature, I suppose you could say, and had no idea when to stop.  Together, they would cheer me up easily.

“So who’s her friend, then?” I asked.

She sighed, looking dreamily out of the open window, “His name is Robbie.”

“And...?” I persisted.

“And he is gorgeous.” She breathed, emphasizing the word “gorgeous”.

“Hey you’ve got a boyfriend!”

“And I love him more than anything!” She answered; looking like a small child just found stealing chocolate.

“So why are you practically drooling?” I teased, looking at my friend in amazement.

Didn’t she realise how lucky she was? She had a lovely house, with an even lovelier garden, a good career and a boyfriend who adored her, and by the sound of it, she was planning to ruin all that by going after some guy. I didn’t have any of that. Well, at least, not anymore. Gerry had made sure of that.

 “Am not!” she laughed childishly.

I raised an eyebrow. Well, attempted to.

Jen laughed at my pathetic attempt to copy her.

“No, I wasn’t thinking about him in that way for me,” she smiled wryly, “I was more thinking about him for you.”

Me???” I asked in astonishment, “And why do you think that we would get on at all?”

“Because he is seriously HOT. He is also very funny, sweet and clever. You also have something in common with him.” She smiled knowingly.

“And what is that, exactly?” I asked.

“He’s adopted, too.”

I gazed out of the open window again. It was starting to get dark now, Jen’s garden was no longer colourful and lively, like it was when the sun was shining, it was now silent and mysterious, as if a blanket of black and white was thrown over the garden, turning the colours into shades.

I could hear a police siren in the distance, accompanied by a few car horns. No peaceful bird’s song calmed me down now, as the bird must have flown away or gone to sleep.



The End

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