Scared and lonely

Roza was just a pup when her mum abandoned her and ever since then she walked alone. She would curl up in her cave wrapping her sliver tail around her tiny body and wish that someone would hep her. Then one day she caught a very usual scent, she starched and padded off to follow the usual scent.

Roza ears picked up sounds of people talking; she stopped then hid in the bushes. There she finally found the usual scent, it was a girl? How did she get here? Roza gasped when she saw the queen talking to the girl and then her body froze seeing the thief. O'know that girl doesn't know who she dealing with Roza thought. But what could she do? Only thing she do, hide.

She was a wolf but a very tame one at that. No one had ever taught her how to defend herself or others. She hated being like this. But what could she do? How could she help the girl? Roza just watched and waited.   

The End

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