My wife

My wife, well what can I say. I can tell you what she used to be like. Slim, blonde and kinda shy. She never stood out form the crowd or anything, but was kinda pretty in her own way. She didn’t have many friends either, just one or two who gave up on her in the end. As my wife wasn’t really into going out and having fun. Her parents were very old when they had her. They were regular church goers too. Every Sunday without fail, twice. She was real good at her embroidery and like to knit, which is what her friends found so strange. She would sit for hours in her room knitting and sewing all sorts of things. From scarves and hats, that her mother would sell at the church fetes. To dolls, knitted with little hats and waistcoats. She had hundreds of them, scattered all over the house. Her parents showed them off to everybody that came to the house. As that was all she really knew.

Her mother taught her to cook and bake cookies, which she doesn’t do much of now. Unless it comes out of a packet, or can be put in the microwave, she doesn’t really bother. She buys multi packs of everything from Costco. Giant football team size loaves of white square bread and slabs of cake which she eats far too much of. Sometimes when I see her come in from the kitchen crumbs on her top, I feel like shouting at her. ‘don’t eat any more woman’. ‘No wonder I don’t want to touch you’.

She’s getting so big, the boredom of doing nothing. Eating has taken over her daily chores, and daytime TV. No wonder the house looks a mess.

She doesn’t work anymore, she gave that up when we got married. She worked in the 7Eleven, and that’s how I met her. It was a dare. My mate reckoned I couldn’t get her to smile, so I asked her out. And she smiled all right, she was so grateful for the male attention. She would do anything for me, not like all the other bimbo’s I had been out with. So I married her, much to the laughter and jokes of my friends. But they soon saw how she didn’t mind if I went out and played poker all night with the boys, chased a few bimbo’s, or came home really late from work. I’d leave my clothes on the floor, but in them days she would pick them up and run a really neat house.

Then our son came along, and he took up all her energy, and loved her like a son loved a mother. She didn’t have to do anything for me then to win my love.

But now I am paying the price for a dare, that could last a lifetime.

The End

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