If only, i could fit inMature

     They are pulling at my skin, at my hair, at my face. What have I done? Who are these people? Why are there bright lights above me?
    "You didn't give her enough morphine." One of the people in green scrubs said. Her voice was shrill and hurt my ears.
    "Too bad, she'll go without now. We are too far into the surgery to stop now." A man dressed the same as the woman said. He seemed to be the head doctor or something. He had a scalpel in his hand. He looked me straight in my eyes. "We are making you perfect, darling. Are you excited?" The scalpel came down inbetween my ribs, just underneath the sternum and ripped down, cutting cleanly. I felt my skin ripping open and I let out a scream. I felt someone else stab another scalpel into my leg. Then I felt them all over my body. The cold sharp surgical steel ripping and tearing suddenly felt burning hot.

    I was bought awake with a loud banging outside my window. I sat up and looked outside my window, down onto the moonlit driveway. There wasn't any movement. No proof that anything had made a noise... Until I realized that the ladder that was generally leaning against the shed had fallen on its side. Odd, but whatever.
    I turned to go back to bed, but my reflection in my mirror caught my eye. I looked dead. I looked like a skeleton.
    "Fucking moonlight. Makes me look gross." I cursed and pulled up my shirt to see if I could see the harsh cut down the centre of my body.
    "I love your bones baby." My reflection said to me. I blinked twice and my reflection was just me again.
    "I'm lacking sleep... Thats all. I'm really tired..." I muttered and climbed back into bed.

    "Evony, you're going to be late for school." My eyes slowly opened and I watched everything slowly come into focus. "Evony, get up." Mum stood in my door way. I sat up.
    "Okay, okay. I'm getting there." I grumbled.
    "Get there faster."
    "Fine." I stood up and pulled on my uniform. White blouse, black skirt, white knee high socks, black shoes, bottle green jacket, green tie. How... Plain. I chucked on some rings and bangles before I quickly did my make up and brushed my hair.
    There was a knock at the front door.
    "Evony, Mia is here." Mum called. I looked at my clock. 08:00. Bang on time, as always. I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. "What about breakfast?"
    "Too late, have to leave now. I'll get some on the way."
    "Well heres lunch." I took it and shoved it in my bag.
    "Thanks mum. See you later."
    "I have a late shift tonight Evony. You'll be making dinner for you and Isaac."
    "Okay." I pulled my shoes on and opened the door. Mia was standing there with a big grin on her face. She gave me a big hug.
    "Aren't you so excited? Going to a new highschool. It sucks that its no longer me and you, but we can still hang out as often as we used to." Mia said and skipped ahead of me.
    Over the holidays our parents got talking and decided that our grades weren't good enough at the highschool we were at, so we got split up and put into different highschools. Mia was sent to an all girls private high school. I was being sent to a unisex public high school. Our uniforms were pretty similar, only they had blue rather then green and they had their logos printed in practical places, rather then on the boob or hip.
    "Mia, I'm nervous. I'm not as good at making friends as you are."
    "You'll be fine Eff. Just smile and be nice. Besides, you'll be going to an unisex school. Year 12. Everyone likes having bigger groups. They'll be begging you to join them. Besides, they'd want your secret on how to stay thin forever."
    "You sure?"
    "I'm positive." Mia flashed me her shiny white teeth. I smiled and gave her an awkward hug while we were still walking.
    We arrived at Mia's posh new school. I had to walk past it on the way to school anyway. Mia looked at it.
    "This is my stop." Mia seemed worried now. I hugged her.
    "It'll be fine. You'll have lots of fun. You're such a social butterfly anyway." I assured her.
    "Hows my hair?"
    "Blond, choppy and messy as always."
    "Perfect." She grinned. "I'll miss you. It's not gonna be the same going to school without you."
    "I know, its gonna be so awkward. Bye Mia."
    "Bye Eff, I'll see you when school ends."
    "Of course." I promised. I started to leave, then turned to see Mia skipping into her new school. She's going to fit in, I'm not. I turned on my mp3 for the rest of my walk to school.

The End

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