If only, if only, picture perfect.Mature

Following a girl named Evony through her life, which faces her eating disorder and bullying of her school life, whether she's too fat or too thin or just not liked.

    What am I? I am nothing. Nothing more then a dirty human soul floating in the black abyss of life.
    Okay, so maybe I am something, but no one considers me to be anything... Since I'm not good at anything.
    I'm just the average grade student. I'm not good at sports. I can't play any instrument. I can't sing. I'm not pretty. I'm not thin. I haven't even been given a personality. I've got nothing. Nothing- except for my best friend, Mia, and my beautiful eating disorder.
    Mia would tell you something different about me though, of course. Friends always do, right? She'd tell you that I'm beautiful, skinny, an amazing artist and that I'm an incredibly interesting person. A little drug-fucked but otherwise I'm interesting. She tells me that all the time. She loves my hair, she envies my body, she adores my eyes. I suppose thats why Mia is always around me... I need someone to atleast try to love me.
    Me and Mia, always having a race. A race to school. A race to the shoe shop. A race to have the most amazing bones. Why not show off whats under our skin?
    My name is Evony... Welcome to the wonderful world of eating disorders. I'm bulimic, and Mia is annorexic. We'll be your guides over the next... However long it takes.

The End

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