If only ...


If only…


I lie awake here on my bed
Thoughts go racing through my head
From my wrist blood gushes, bright red.

I can't take this pain much more
Living...it seems like such a chore
My soul, it is knocking on death's door.

Only a few minutes are now left
I'm all alone and facing death
And I shake as I take my final breath.

A few short gasps and it was done
I could have lived, could have become someone
But my world it set, just like the sun.

I could have stopped, but it's too late
I've determined my own fate
Oh no, no stop! It's too late

I'm feeling light, rising high
Up above, way up to the sky
Oh dear, no...did I really want to die?

I can't turn back, there's no return
Will I go to hell now, to forever burn?
I wish I could go back, I wish I could turn

Wherever I am now, it's dark and alone
Things would have gotten better, if only I'd known
I'd do anything right now just to go home

I am now separate, my body under, my soul high
If only I had the strength, the will to survive
I could have put the two back together, and still be alive.


The End

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