If Not for Fun

Having Fun while, at the same time, not having non-fun.

On a bright sunny day, Mr. Fun literally leapt up out of his bedclothes and onto the carpet.   Thank-goodness he had his boxers on!    With joy, he proceeded to the shower and was renewed.   Into his clothes and out into the inner outside!   

And "No!", he thought.   "I've got to go further than the inner outside...  I'm going way, far out today!   Far, far out!"   And with that simple declaration, he climbed into his spaceship, "The FUN Blazer", fired up the trans warp transducers, kicked it into gear and before you could say, "Huh?" warped to the next dimension.

And there, unfortunately is where his fun was immediately suspended.   Why, you say?  Because, he was in the land of 

The End

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