If, No, When I meet Darren Criss.Mature

"Darren! AHHHHH! DARRENNNN! I LOVE YOU DARREN!" I yell at the glee star through the crowd. I am near the back, but his eyes connect with mine, and he weaves through the crowd toward me, his hazel gaze locked on my own blue-eyed stare. 

"Well, hello." He says in the dreamy voice that makes my knees turn to jelly. "I didn't know england had girls with hair like mine.." He grins and pulls on one of my ringlets. 

"H-hi. I love you. Sign my copy of the Warblers album? I know every word of every one of your songs off by heart. I watched all your livestreams at least five times. I watch your music videos on repeat over and over on youtube... I wrote a series of Fanfics about Kurt and Blaine.. I'm your biggest fan ever, Darren. I'm Ellie, by the way." I manage. He fixes me with a grin and takes my crimson sharpie, signing: 

To my biggest fan, Ellie. 

I'm so glad you like my work. 

Love, Darren Criss 

And then he puts five x's. My heart soars. 

"Sign my arm?" I ask, he does. "Hug me?" He does. "Kiss me?" I wait. He hesitates, laughing, then he kisses my cheek and I all but fall to the floor. He catches me as I float to the ground. 

"Hey, don't fall, you olde englishe lasse!" His english accent is so bad it makes me laugh. "Sing with me." He says. It is a demand, not a request. 

"I.. no, I can't sing.. really.." I protest. 

"You said you know all the words to my songs... He pulls out his ipod, turns on the instrumental version of "Baby, its cold outside," on full volume, and begins to sing: 

"I really can't stay.." "But baby its cold outside!" I have to reply. 

"I've got to go away..." "But baby its cold outside.." 

"This evening has been.." "Been hoping that you'd drop in.."

"So very nice.." "I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice!"  I really grab his hands, and he holds in a chuckle. It is a warm summers day in London and here we are singing "Baby its cold outside..". 

"My mother will start to worry.." "Beautiful, whats your hurry?" 

"My father will be pacing the floor.." "Listen to the fireplace roar.." I gesture up at the sun. There are titters all around. 

"So really I'd better scurry.." "Beautiful please don't hurry.." 

"But maybe just half a drink more.." "Put some records on while I pour.." 

"The neighbors might think..." "But baby its bad out there!" 

"Say, whats in this drink?" "No cabs to be had out there.." 

"I wish I knew how.." "Your eyes are like starlight now.." 

"To break this spell.." "I'll hold your hat, your hair looks swell!" I grab his large mexican sombrero and throw it into the crowd who have gathered. 

"I ought to say no, no, no, sir..." "Mind if I move in closer?" I link my arm through his. 

"At least I'm gonna say that I tried.." "What's the sense in hurting my pride?" 

"I really can't stay.." "Baby don't hold out.." 

"Ahhh but its cold, outside..." He stops singing, and pulls me in, we dance for the rest of the song, hordes of jealous fan girls shooting me bitch stares. When the song ends, he leads me to his limo. 

And the rest, as they say, is history... ;) 

The End

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