If Love ExistMature

If love exist, hearts wouldn't be broken tears wouldn't shed from out eyes like rain falls from the sky. the sky wouldn't be gray, the wind would be breezy to where out hair blew in all types of directions. I'm not saying it doesn't but if it did. We would feel chills and men would warm us up like hot chocolate, and a cozy blanket in the winter. Our cheeks would turn red, like we had the flu, but the truth is we are sick from the love that you give us. This wouldn't be a bad thing if love did exist. Making love would have an actual definition. Your heart beats would match one another's, you lips would complete each other's sentences, and your mind will think a like. If love did exist heads would turn, jaws would drop, and hearts would be touched, and eyes will be opened that if love did exist you wouldn't feel normal. I'm not saying it does but if love did exist.... falling wouldn't be so painful, because I fell for you.

The End

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