New kid on the blockMature

After a bumpy ride on the country roads we finally pulled up to the huge cast iron gates of the manor house. There were walls and wire all the round the grounds " What's with all the fences and wires? I asked. Miss Ivlson Slowly turned to me she slowly spoke" because we don't want people breaking in""Why would people want to break in?"I was beginning to get curios. " Even an uneducated girl can work that out!'"Her voice was so calm it made in insult hit even harder. I hated to be insulted like that I began to get a bit angry. I sat up  " I'll have you know I went to one of the finest schools in London! And I was one of the smartest in my class!"My voice cracked as a yelled, I didn't have the sexy voice that miss Ivlson did. She shot her pale eyes at me"And yet you still ask the questions of an idiot"I could tell when she was angry her voice was calm yet terrifying. When we the car pulled up to the house door she shuffled me out of the car and then pointed to the boot of the car. "Get your things and don't dawdle about it"I hurriedly got my suitcase and my smaller carry bag . When we walked into the house I was given no more then three seconds to take in the amazement of it all, there we huge painting hanging all around. All of the furniture was Shinny and wooden, the kind you see in museums. Before I knew it I was in what look like a common room, it had sofas and tables. There where several other people sitting or standing talking in small groups, they all looked about my age. "This is Sarah, She will be staying her just like the rest of you. Help her with her room and show her around." Miss Ivlson snapped, then she was gone. I look around the room My arrival had cause a bit of disruption. Out of the coroner of my eye I saw a boy coming over to me I turned. I was amazed. He had mousey blond hair that grew just over his ears and a side fringe, He had magical grey eyes. I smiled when I saw him, could he be the " HIYA!" "WHA!!" I yelled almost falling backwards. A girl had jump in front of me she had long ginger hair and her nose and cheeks we covered in freckles. " Hellllloooo?" She said with a massive grin " Oh, sorry Hi" I said still in shock. " I'm daisy, pleased to meet you!" She stuck her hand out promptly in my face I had to step back to shake it. " Do you have a room yet?" She asked me " No" " OH GOODY!" She exclaimed giving me a massive hug " My roommate left, her auntie offered her a home and she said yes! The cheek of it! Ah well, me and you can be best friends!" She happily said. I was a little taken back, but who was I to pass up a friend? When we got to our room she sat me on the bed. "I'm going to get know now" She said " Erm..." I mumbled. " I'm going to quiz you!" She grinned (Now what were you thinking hmm)

"First, are you a virgin?"


" Tut! Everyone is here!"

"Your not!"

" No, me and my boyfriend got sent to the same house!"

" Oh"

"Second, you seen anyone you like yet hmm?"

"Well there is this one boy"

" Who! Who!?"

"I don't know his name, he had blond hair, grey eyes, wearing a blue shirt"

"Jason!? Ohhh nice choice, I'll help you with that one then"

Me and daisy soon became good friends, I learnt about the world of relationships, and sex. And before I could put another word into it Daisy set about getting me and Jason together. Daisy was a bubbly girl, I soon loved her like a sister. And Jason... well me and him got talking, but or conversations were very short. They mainly consisted of 'Do you know the time?' And 'what floor is the library on?' not exactly a beacon of love there but it was better then nothing. I soon got acquainted with the other kids that were staying in the house. I was a bit on the outter rings but, no matter I was used to it.

Miss Ivlson kept to herself, when ever I saw here she was sorting through files or writing letters. She kept files on us all, that I found odd. But for now I ingnored it, that was a mistake I wish I could go back on. 

The End

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