You think you were alone at the start!Mature

This day, this day was the worst day of my life.

This morning I ate breakfast alone. In the large kitchen, I sat on the wooden table and ate my bacon I had made. I had woken up late, and to room with a heavily sleeping Daisy in it. The rules here were, if you woke up after the breakfast run, you made your own food. The kitchen was a huge room, with huge brass pots and pans hanging from rows of hooks on the ceiling. When they cooked they did it in large quantities I thought, taking a moment to day dream about the massive parties that must have gone on here. The cook was an old woman with curly fading ginger hair and deep wrinkles. Unlike the librarian who was sweet and kind, she was a mean fiery tempered woman who dislikes all the kids that were here.  But she was down in cellar allot, sorting spices and things like that… I guess.


When I had finished I put my plate on the marble sides on the kitchen and made my way upstairs to the common room. It was a hot day, so everyone was outside. But I wanted some time alone so I guessed that the common room would be a nice option. Comfy seats, lots of light. I glided around the corners and walked up to the huge double doors of the common room. The doors were grand; they had carvings of ivy winding around the edges. This room looked like it was once a grand hall that was used for refined dances and parties. Using both hands, I pushed open the doors.

I stopped everything, as I painfully studied the image that was brashly forced in front of me. Jason and Olivia…Kissing. I stepped back out into the hall, still able to see them clearly. They hadn’t noticed me, they were too busy and the other end of the long common room. I stepped back a few more steps, before breaking into a run. I fled, the image chasing me, I could not out run it. With a bone breaking thrust I slammed my back into the nearest wall, and slid down it whimpering. Warm salty tears began to run down my face I buried my head into my hands and cried, I didn’t know for how long a stayed in the little ball in the corner of a never ending nothing. My head was a fuzzy mess I sometimes didn’t know what I was crying over. By the time I lifted my head up my whole face was wet and so was majority of the front of my hair. “Daisy…” I slowly whimpered standing up. “She will make it all better, she always does!” I burst out, breaking back into run. Storming up endless flights of stairs and on-going hallways, the horrid fuzzing feeling was still there. I wasn’t sure where I was going, I would stop and just stand for minutes on end, then I would break back into a floorboard splitting run. I found my door eventually. It was smooth and well carved. Shaking a little a gripped the brass handle I pushed open the door, with the click. I slowly pushed it open expecting to see them again.

Nothing… “Nothing” I said with a content sigh. I walked into the neat and white room; completely drained I flopped down on the bed. After a few moments of lying in the soft safe sheets, I turned my head to side to Daisy’s bed. She was gone… So was her bedside photo collection. I shot up in sudden shock; her makeup was gone from the dressing room style mirror, ignoring how sore my legs and arms were I bolted over to the wardrobe pausing for a second on the doors, I flung them open… “Empty…” I breathed out. I swirled my head around the empty room “DASIY!” I screamed out, no reply. I was alone.

The End

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